Wahington D.C. Cop Sexually Assaulted Fellow Cop During a Cellulite Massage

Pearce Then (Left)

Keith Palmer

A male police officer touched another officer's vagina during a cellulite massage, he went to jail.

A Washington D.C. police officer was arrested and charged Thursday with sexual assaulting a female police officer, allegedly while administering a massage treatment to her at Roche’s Microblading and Spa in Mount Pleasant.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has confirmed that 42-year-old Pearce Then was arrested in connection with the assault.

Then’s alleged victim was also a D.C. police officer, according to court documents. Both officers were off duty when the assault allegedly occurred.

According to WJLA News on June 10 the victim went to an appointment at Roche’s Microblading and Spa. The victim had set up an appointment for cellulite treatment on her legs with Then by text message beforehand, according to court documents. Then’s wife owns the spa, and he told police that he sometimes volunteers there.

During the course of the treatment, Then allegedly sexually assaulted the victim. The victim says Officer Then penetrated her vagina without her permission and against her will.

It was then that the victim left the appointment and drove to the Fourth District Police Station, where she notified the watch commander about what had occurred. Police started an investigation, and eventually interviewed Then at his home in Maryland, where he told them that he had touched the victim in the way she described, but that it happened “on accident” while he was administering the cellulite treatment. Then told police he had been volunteering at his wife’s spa for the last two months.

Then pleaded not guilty in court on Thursday, and a judge allowed him to be released pending another hearing on July 8.

Then was charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a client. Then has been an MPD officer since 2012, and he is assigned to the Fourth District, according to the department. Then’s police powers have been revoked and he has been placed on non-contact status.

The MPD released this statement:

“The Metropolitan Police Department does not condone any criminal or immoral conduct by an employee. Officer Then’s actions are a disgrace to everyone who wears a badge. I am thankful that MPD’s Sexual Assault Unit was able to quickly bring this case to closure.”


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