WATCH: Cop Runs Up, Kicks Man in Head Lying Facedown with Hands behind Back

Carlos Miller

The Louisiana cop was arrested in June for the incident that took place in April. The video was released last week.

Timothy Williams said he ran from the cops after they found him with a fake gun and crack pipe because he was afraid they would hurt him.

But he surrendered by lying facedown on the ground with his hands behind his back once he realized he was not going to outrun them.

However, that did not stop a Monroe police officer from running up to him and kicking him in the head as if it were a football, leaving the 40-year-old man howling in pain.

Monroe police officer Jared Preston DeSadier then planted his knee on Williams' neck while pressing his face into the ground, causing him to howl in pain even louder.

The incident took place on April 21 and DeSadier was arrested two months later on the felony charges of second-degree battery and malfeasance in office.

The body cam video was released Thursday and shows another Monroe police officer chasing Williams, threatening to taser him if he did not stop.

It also shows that same cop standing over Williams after he had surrendered, reaching for the handcuffs on his belt while Williams remained on the ground with his hands behind his back.

Almost ten seconds go by before DeSadier comes sprinting up to kick Williams in the head. He then proceeds to plant his body weight on Williams while telling him to "put your fucking hands behind your back!".

The arrest report made no mention of the kick but it did say he was transported to the hospital to be treated for “lacerations he suffered while trying to evade capture" but the video shows he was not evading anybody when he was kicked

Williams pleaded guilty to flight from an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia but his attorneys say they are still plan on suing.

According to the Ouachita Citizen:

According to the city, the department's investigation of the April incident is ongoing The city also asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct an investigation of Williams' police brutality complaint as well.

“Today’s release of the body cam footage of the incident is one of several steps we intend to take to ensure transparency during this process and to maintain public confidence in the City’s commitment to ensure that all citizens are treated equally,” said Ellis. “The citizens of Monroe expect the highest degree of professionalism from all our employees, including police officers, and we will continue to work to make sure that we meet those expectations.”

Protesters outside Monroe City Hall on Thursday yelled chants of “Justice for Timothy” while listening to remarks from local elected officials about the matter.

Patterns of excessive force against black people have persisted for too long, according to state Sen. Katrina Jackson.

“It's time for it to stop,” said Jackson, D-Monroe. “We're seeing it all across America.”

Jackson pledged to file legislation during the next legislative session that would force police officers to give a statement within 24 hours of any disciplinary action. Such legislation was needed because some officers connected to Williams' arrest have not made any public statement.

DeSadier, 42, resigned after he was charged with two felonies. He faces up to ten years in prison. It does not appear as if he has entered a plea. Watch the shortened video above with a portion in slow motion to show the kick. The full video is here.

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so..... where in the blue lies mafia manual does it describe running up to there victim and kicking them in the head as an ok maneuver?
time for this little piggy to get the "BIG BUBBA" treatment!


Its like they just can't help being assholes. Dude is on the ground and compliant, that kick is called assault and he recorded the proof himself, time for a payday

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