WATCH: Florida Cop and Son Arrested After Punching Black Customers at Restaurant

Keith Palmer

Video shows a white Florida cop and his wayward son starting a fight with innocent black customers at a restaurant.

A Florida police lieutenant was fired after he was arrested for fighting black customers at a restaurant earlier this month in an incident captured on surveillance video.

On June 8, Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies were called to El Jalisco restaurant in response to a physical altercation inside the restaurant.

Video of the fight shows Blountstown Police Lieutenant Timothy Partridge as the aggressor. His son Dakota Partridge was also involved in the fight; a third man identified as Larry Colson, Jr. was also involved.

All three suspects were arrested. The cop is even seen hitting a woman.

​Timothy Partridge hit one of the victims, a black male in the face with an open hand and shoved him for no apparent reason. Deputies say "the body language of Timothy Partridge was of an aggravated manner" when he approached the victims, reports.

Dakota Partridge then grabbed his father and pulled him away. Deputies say the men, along with Colson, walked to the back of the restaurant where they continued arguing.

The video shows Dakota Partridge tackling a black male victim to the ground and Timothy hitting another black male victim. During the fight, one of the victim's head hit a wall, leaving a hole in the wall.

The video also shows Timothy Partridge striking a female victim with a closed right hand to the head, knocking her to the ground and leaving her with an abrasion to the bridge of the nose and some swelling to the right cheek.

Timothy Partridge is charged with four counts of battery. Dakota Partridge is charged with battery and damage to property $200 and under while Colson is charged with battery. The state attorney is looking now at upgrading the charges to felonies.

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Oh you know when the cops for there they arrested the black guys first


So when did the rednecks take over that police department? LOL.


I have said for many years that Police should be held to Higher Standards because of the Trust & Power that they are given. But by knowing that their actions will lead to stiffer charges should help scare them enough to behave like the rest of us or get them out of Law Enforcement & labeled as a Criminal fr their actions.


GOOD!!!! give them all felony's, hand then out like it's Halloween candy!!!! trash like this needs to be locked up!!!!!!!

Cops In Cuffs