Joshua Brown

Child pornography has plagued America and the world with its sick content and images. But the last place it is expected to be viewed is in a police department.

WVNSTV reports Officer Joshua Lumbo, 31, of the Mullens Police Department in Mullens, West Virginia was arrested on Wednesday for watching child pornography on a computer at the Mullens Police Department Headquarters while he was supposed to be working.

It all started in January 2018 when Lumbo had accidentally left a child pornography website open on a computer at the headquarters without knowing.

It was then that another officer found the open website on the computer.

The officer alerted the police chief. The police chief then placed a tracker on the computer in question in an attempt to find out which one of his officers were watching child pornography on the clock.

The chief also went over time sheets and was able to match the dates and times that the child pornography was viewed to the time and days that Lumbo was working.

The chief and the mayor then confronted Lumbo about the matter.

It was then that Lumbo admitted that he had been looking at child pornography on the police station computer and that it involved younger girls because that is what he was interested in.

Lumbo then resigned from his position before he could be fired.

The police chief referred the case to the Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department who began investigating in February. The computer’s hard drive was sent to the West Virginia State Police Digital Forensics Unit. They found search items on the drive that included “teen, preteen, young teen, almost legal, and jail bait”.

In the history of the computer there were several other pornography sites that had been visited and most involved teens and young girls.

Lumbo has been charged with felony possession of child erotica and was given a $10,000 bond.


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