Georgia Cop Solicited Sex from Preteen Niece of Woman he Strangled during Sex

The Cobb County cop was already being investigated for impropriety with another woman when these charges surfaced.

A Georgia cop recently arrested for strangling a mentally disabled woman during sex is now facing new charges.

The sexual deviant with a badge is being accused of soliciting sex from the mentally disabled woman’s 12-year-old niece, according to investigators.

Cobb County police officer Robert Lanier New, 46, was arrested Monday and charged with simple battery and aggravated assault, according to the Marietta Daily Journal.

Cobb County Police Chief Michael Register announced Thursday that New is facing additional charges of criminal solicitation and computer pornography. The charges stem from New’s use of an “electronic device to commit child molestation or another unlawful sexual offense against a child.”

“According to the new arrest warrant, filed by Cobb police on Thursday, New allegedly texted an adult woman asking to have sex with the woman and a 12-year-old female relative of the woman.
A text was allegedly sent May 31 and a second text on June 12, according to the warrant.”

Investigators say New was using the woman to get to the niece. He apparently seemed infatuated with her underdeveloped body and couldn’t resist the temptation of frolicking with the preteen, even though as an officer, he knew it was illegal.

The disgraced cop first met the woman online but authorities are still trying to pin down which website the two used.

New reportedly choked the woman during sex and slapped both sides of her face repeatedly to the point she began to cry. The woman told officers that she couldn’t tell New to stop because his hands were tight around her throat.

The sexcapade allegedly occurred between March 1 and March 31 at New’s home in Kennesaw. He was reportedly off-duty at the time of the incident. Police say that during the interview, the woman shook “due to fear” of retaliation by the cop.

This was not a case of someone just trying to exploit the climate of the #MeToo movement. Cobb County Police were able to corroborate the woman’s accusations through text messages on her phone, according to the arrest warrant.

“The accused made the statements through text messages, ‘I am in charge, I am in control,'” said police. The threats continued even after the woman attempted to cut things off with New.

“It is disturbing,” Register said. “But the activity that took place during the intimate encounter is what brought us to the point of getting warrants on Officer New.”

Register believes that the woman is the only victim in the case saying, “The investigation is still fluid, and we are working this case as we speak.”

New apparently has a history of impropriety with woman. He is already under investigation for an administrative complaint filed with the department involving another woman.

“We are investigating if he adhered to departmental policies,” Register said.

That complaint was filed just weeks before the allegations involving the mentally disabled woman emerged.

Robert Lanier New, who was arrested about 10 p.m. Monday, remained held in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center without bond on charges of simple battery and aggravated assault. New attended Sprayberry High School and joined the force in February 2005.

Our country needs an organization to track cops who commit crimes against children.


"Today_Is_The_Day" made the statement, ie: "Our country needs an organization to track cops who commit crimes against children." Actually, even though I agree with that statement, I like the first part of the statement... "Our country needs an organization to track cops who commit crimes"... but then I would have added, "and hunt them down... and for their punishment if it were only legal, "Summary Execution" on the spot for the "Badge Bully" cops. It sure would end repeated offenses to other innocent victims. Rail Car Fan

To the writer of this article: Your use of the term ”sexcapade”, plus your revealing choice of wording “This was not a case of someone just trying to exploit the climate of the #MeToo movement” has me cringing and shaking my head. NO WOMEN are “expoliting the climate of the #MeToo movement”. In fact, women are simply coming forth and telling the truth of violence and suppression committed against them by men. Women were previously unwilling to speak out about male violence against women, for fear of not being listened to, belittled, as you so beautifully demonstrated, and/or retribution by the very sex who are the offenders. Men who continue to belittle and question male violence against women and women’s truths actively perpetuate such violence. You need to put your obvious misogyny in check before writing further.

This repeat offender cop most likely has a long, long history of similar crimes, which needs to be thoroughly investigated by the FBI and other out-of state/ impartial investigators. And yes, we need a separate organization to track Pedophile cops, cops and cops who commit violence against women and men, etc. and then mandatory, severe punishment that benefits society, like mandatory castration and banishing to a remote island where they will never see another child, woman or man again...Like Riker’s Island...or a Garbage Island, perhaps. Or just euthanize them.

However that is accomplished, Cop-Crimes need to end. We cannot allow this corrupt brotherhood to “self-police” itself...that would be like asking Dow Chemical Co. to “monitor” it’s own mass dumping of carcinogenic toxins into our drinking water — which does not & will never work. The fox cannot be relied on to watch over the hen house.

I agree with most of your reply however I have to politely disagree that there are NO WOMEN using the #MeToo movement as a come up. In a land of opportunists, to say that not a single one is looking to cash in is naive. Women falsely crying "rape" is not new but considering the current climate it has been further swept under the rug making it more taboo... but the stories are there. Are there genuine cases of men abusing the position of authority to proposition sexual favors from women? Definitely. It has been ingrained in the culture for quite some time considering the patriarchal society America started off as. But are there women who bait men and lie? Yes! It's the yang to the #MeToo's ying.

Check out the article "5 Women Who Lied About Being Raped" just to start off. (https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/5-women-who-lied-about-being-raped/) From there you can dig further and find even more stories. What most of these have in common is that the lying women are rarely punished while the real victim, the innocent man, has his name and reputation dragged through the mud doing irreparable damage.

I don't question "male violence against women". I know it exists. The problem lies with running behind every alleged case like it is fact when sometimes it is not. There is no absolute. If you can't agree that some women are lying than you need to put your man-bashing in check.