Al. Lab Owner Arrested for Falsifying Drug Tests in Child Custody and CPS Cases

Ben Keller

The owner of an Alabama lab collection company has been arrested for altering drug test screenings and paternity tests.

The Owner of A & J Lab Collections 36-year-old Brandy Murrah has been arrested and charged with two counts of forgery after two women lost custody of their children to the CPS foster system after falsified drug tests showed they had methamphetamine in their system.

Police say they believe Murrah profited somehow from falsifying the reports, but have not yet revealed specifics.

"Both of these ladies went to independent drug testing facilities and medical clinics and got more drug testing done and all of it was negative," Adam Jones, the attorney representing the women told. WTVY on Thursday.

While the two women may have been vindicated for the results of their drug tests, they still do not have custody of their kids who were placed in the foster care system.

Prosecutors say more charges are expected against the owner as investigators scramble to determine exactly how many people lost custody of their children.

Authorities fear this is just the tip of the iceberg and expect to find a 'tidal wave' of botched CPS foster care cases, where children were taken from their parents and placed in custody of the state.

Murray secured a contract with the Department of Human Resources Dependency court to perform paternity and drug tests on individuals involved in child custody cases or dependency (CPS) court — even though she was arrested in 2013 and found guilty of five counts of credit card fraud.

She was still somehow placed in charge of handling sensitive screenings that determined the futures of children and families.

"We have no idea at this time how many people did not get their children back because of Ms. Murrah's alleged fraudulent reports," Dale County Attorney Kirke Adams told the Dothan Eagle.

"In my opinion, all cases affected by Murrah's alleged actions must be redone in order to be fair."

An investigation into Murrah began on May 2 after someone's drug screening tested positive, which had a signature on the test results.

When the victim called the physician who supposedly signed the paper work, the doctor did not recall signing any drug test for A & J Lab Collections or Murrah.

Now, law enforcement and court officials are sifting through hundreds of tests that Murrah's company performed each month to determine just how many were falsified.

"We expect a lot," Adams said.

"I anticipate the tidal wave is just building as far as ramifications."

Murrah is free from jail on a $2,000 bond.

Read the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the first two victims below.

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Hello my name's Clara and I've had this same woman while my daughter was in the hospital in the NICU room for two mouths and while I was there she took a drug screen and mine shown up positive, and I knew I didn't fail it and I knew who she was the moment I saw this post is there anyway to help me gain my child back and show them I never once have done what the screen was showing positive please reply.


Funny. This sounds familiar somehow.

in 2014, my wife's only daughter was stolen from Methodist Hospital in DM, IA, at just 9 days old. We were called drug addicts, and the courts ordered we endure treatment for doing no drugs. We not only had our first drug test results fabricated, I actually caught the tester fabricating the 2nd test RED-HANDED. When I submitted the evidence of this, I was called an "Extra Father" (I was the legal father. The bio father now has custody of our daughter. He was nothing more than a sperm donor, who dumped my wife by the side of the road after he got what he wanted.) and was thrown out of the case. The court stated I had no rights to my legal child. They then terminated the rights they said I didn't have. 2 months later, they ruled that our child had been taken wrongfully by CPS...and we're still fighting to get her back almost 7 years later.

Believe it or no, this sort of thing happens to innocent people all over this country...and more so, in every 1st world country all over the globe. The news won't or cannot report it, and the Government turns a blind eye to it. There is no remedy available to you through the courts, all the way through the state or federal courts...and no one believes anything you say.


How about an update? Or did they just turn her loose & hope we would forget?

Toothbrush Bandit
Toothbrush Bandit

Idk why, but the Karen haircut makes sense

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