Army Veteran Sues Georgia Police for Fabricating Evidence after Criticizing them

Blurred justice: Police arrival on scene of gunman
Blurred justice: Police arrival on scene of gunman

Cobb County’s criminal justice system led to one moment in time that defined both a hero and a criminal—leaving one man in the hospital, one in jail, and a g...

Ben Keller

A United States Army veteran has filed a lawsuit against three Georgia police officers over fabricated charges.

An Army Veteran for the United States Military has filed suit against three Kennesaw, Georgia police officers last week alleging they fabricated evidence to retaliate and arrest him for criticizing how they handled an incident he called them to handle.

The incident involved a man who pulled a gun on him and his friends.

Matthew Solon disarmed the man, but was subsequently arrested for what some say was a heroic act that may have saved the life of his friends.

On June 26, 2017 Solon was out with friends at a sports bar when he says he was approached by Dwight Cooper, who was belligerently drunk and threatening Solon and his friends with a gun.

Solon drew on his military training to disarm Cooper and dialed 911.

When Kennesaw police officers arrived, Solon was arrested and Cooper was transported to the hospital.

Cooper and Solon were both charged with misdemeanors and felonies for possession of a firearm during the commission of crimes, according to Boston 25 News.

That's why Solon's arrest is in dispute.

Kennesaw police officer Joshua Hale wrote in his report that Solon disobeyed orders after officer arrived on the scene and that Solon stated he took Cooper's gun and struck him in the head with it, "so he would stay down."

However, Solon claims that's a lie.

His lawsuit alleges police fabricated that statement, so the could arrest him after he criticized how they handled the incident.

Criminal charges against Solon were eventually dropped, but charges against Cooper are currently pending.

"I thought I did everything right," Solon recalled in an interview about the incident.

"I unloaded the weapon, I eliminated the threat, called the police, gave him medical attention, everything, and when the police arrive they acted like I’m the criminal here."

Solon, who filed the lawsuit last week, is seeking a jury trial and damages.

Video of the incident can be seen above, with additional coverage and videos below.

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So what happened with Matt Solon's court case?
Did he get a trial with jurors? Or did they just 'pay him off'?

Ben Keller
Ben Keller


I don't recall the pope saying that.

Part of the problem with the overall issue is extremism and paradigms.


The pope once said the only good cop is a dead cop

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