Canadian Cops Kill Dog That Video Shows Was Clearly Not a Threat

Carlos Miller

Canadian Cops Kill Dog That Video Shows Was Clearly Not a Threat.

A video surfaced today on Facebook showing Canadian police dragging a man out of a home when one of the officers walks up to a black dog wagging its tail in the grass and shoots it dead.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police claimed the dog, Duke, had attacked one of their dogs.

But the video, recorded by a screaming, distraught woman, shows that did not happen in the moments before it was shot.

The video is recorded in the vertical mode and she is swinging the phone all over the place, so it does not capture the scene in its entirety.

However, it shows that Duke was nowhere close to the group of cops dragging Adam Cote out of the house.

And it shows it was not close to a nearby officer standing with a police dog on a leash nor does it appear interested in that dog.

Nevertheless, a cop walks over with a rifle and shoots it dead.

Apparently, Duke had attacked their dog when they were inside dragging Cote out of the house, but that incident was already over by the time they shot him.

In other words, it was not a matter of defending their dog, but a matter of seeking revenge for their dog.

The video was posted on a Facebook titled Justice for Adam Cote and has drawn attention from all over the world.

Cote was dragged out of the home in July 2014 on two warrants for assault, one of the incidents which was also captured on video where he and another man were fighting in a street.

According to an article posted last year on CKOM:

Adam Cote was arrested Thursday after Kamsack RCMP and the Prince Albert RCMP Service Dog Unit went to a residence on the Key First Nation after reports that Cote was hiding in one of the homes.
Cote was found in the home and arrested. Cote was hurt in the arrest and remains in hospital with unknown injuries.
During the arrest a dog from the community was shot and killed by officers after it allegedly attacked a police dog.
Cote was wanted on several charges including aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, break and enter, fail to attend Court and breach of undertaking.

We combined part of the video of the fight with the video of the dog shooting into one video, which is posted below. The original video of the dog shooting can be viewed here. The original video of the fight has been removed from the Facebook page.


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