Chicago Police Brass Admits Some Officers "Look the Other Way" on Police Abuse

Ben Keller

Chicago Police Supt. acknowledges some officers "look the other way" 'when it comes to reporting police misconduct.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson argued to keep his job, which pays $260,044 a year, after the retirement of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

And Johnson admitted some officers "look the other way" when it comes to reporting police misconduct, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The reason it's so difficult to change police cultures is because the leadership changes so often," Johnson said.

"Every three years you have to start over again.

"It’s gonna take, like, five to seven years to change a culture, a mentality. I don’t want to stay here seven years. But in two more years, we’ll be in a solid place."

Johnson stated the Chicago Police Department started the process of implementing a consent decree watched by a federal monitor.

"It’s important that the leadership believes in it, which I do and the command staff does. I don’t know if the next person will be as vested as I am," he said.

"It’s about this city, and it’s about the police department. I honestly, with every bone in my body, want to see this police department looked at in a more positive light in certain areas of this city," he said.

Code of Silence Regarding Police Misconduct

On April 12, Johnson admitted for the first time confirming a code of silence among some officers in the department, though he was reluctant to use that exact terminology.

"Do I think there might be officers that look the other way? Yeah, I do," he said.

"There are a lot of reasons why cops might not report misconduct. If they see their partner engage in misconduct, they may look the other way.

"Do I think there are issues in that regard?," he asked rhetorically.

"Yeah.... But I’ m not going to indict the entire department for the acts of certain individuals. If I’m made aware of it, I deal with it."

Only the future shall tell.

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Bullshit excuses for their 'planned failure'. Cops do not hold cops accountable because that is what they are taught. Punish them and it will end. Writing bullshit new rules which will not be enforced is the usual response. Waste of time. Also, no more taxpayer bailouts. The perpetrators (bad cops) need to be held accountable.

Joe Watusi
Joe Watusi

Eddie Johnson position does not mean he was not one of those looking the other way; however, $260 thousand a year is good enough to declare yourself the savior.


Department is under Federal Oversight Decent Decree Supervision. Eddie Johnson is a Neutered Weasel who can get anyone fired? WTF? Alot of people are going to prison. The whole city is Toast along with the State for the chosen people are leaving the city and state like Moses fled Egypt.


This is old news. There was already a judicial determination that the Chicago PD maintains a "blue wall of silence", arising out of the Obrycka case. The Chicago PD is as dirty as they come.

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