Cop Wrongly Blames McDonald's Worker for Biting Sandwich then Serving it to him

Carlos Miller

The Marion County sheriff's deputy later admitted it was him who had taken a bite out of his sandwich.

Believing he had been victimized by a McDonald's employee who had served him a McChicken sandwich after taking a bite out of it, an Indiana sheriff's deputy launched an investigation to find the culprit.

It turned out to be him.

The Marion County sheriff's deputy identified only as DJ said he had simply forgotten he had taken a bite out of the sandwich which is why he suspected an employee of tampering with his food to show his contempt for police.

Last week, WTHR reported the following:

The customer, "DJ," is a regular at the McDonald's on West Morris Street and Holt Road. He ordered a McChicken sandwich, fries and cookies, but suspects someone took a bite from the sandwich before he completed the sale.

He found the evidence when he opened his order when he got to work.

"I started to warm up my McChicken and I noticed several small bites. I know I didn't eat it. No one else was around. I said, 'You know what? I am going to the McDonald's to see if they can get that taken care of," said DJ, a local law enforcement officer. "I went to the McDonald's and talked to the supervisor. She offered me some free food I didn't care anything about. I just wanted to find out who the person was and they deal with that person in an appropriate way."

The restaurant confirmed they are aware of DJ's complaint. Managers reportedly told him they will check the schedule to see who was on the food line when he placed his order.

But now that a thorough investigation cleared the employees of wrongdoing, WTHR is reporting the following statement from the Marion County Sheriff's Office:

“Last week, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office employee purchased a McChicken sandwich from the McDonald’s location at 3828 W Morris Street, Indianapolis. The employee took a bite out of the sandwich upon starting his shift at the Marion County Jail, then placed it in the refrigerator in a break room. He returned nearly seven hours later having forgotten that he had previously bitten the sandwich. He wrongly concluded that a McDonald’s restaurant employee had tampered with his food because he is a law enforcement officer.

Our partners at McDonald’s have been helpful and have assisted in the MCSO investigation into what transpired with our employee. The investigation has determined that McDonald’s restaurant staff in no way tampered with the employee’s food. He has since formally apologized to McDonald’s. We recognize that McDonald’s is a valued civic partner, and any insinuation in private or in the media to the contrary is unfounded.”

In 2016, Utah police arrested a teenage Subway worker after a cop accused him of drugging his sandwich which also turned out to be a false accusation.

But police dragged the teen's name through the mud for two months before finally admitting they screwed up.

Last year, a Florida deputy accused Taco Bell employees of putting bleach in his burrito before serving it to him but it's been ten months and the Lee County Sheriff's Office has not provided any updates so we can assume he was also lying.

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Toothbrush Bandit
Toothbrush Bandit

"Forgot" Sure


so when will the cops be held accountable? oh that's right i forgot who we were talking about! never-mind nothing to see here, just move-along sheeple....

i hope anyone accused of food tampering files a civil suit against the cops and wins big $$$! as we already know the piggys won't get any punishment for there false claims!!!!!!

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