Cops Kill Unarmed Mentally Ill Man after Not Laying Still while being Tasered

Carlos Miller

One of the Missouri cops tasered her hand.

Neighbors called police to complain about a shirtless man screaming and swearing and stomping around as he walked through the residential neighborhood.

“I think he has drug problems,” the caller told the dispatcher, according to the Joplin Globe in Missouri.

The caller added that he did not see any weapons on the man but when Joplin police officer Laken Rawlings pulled up, she began treating him as if he were armed and dangerous, ordering him to remain facedown on the ground (after he willingly placed himself there), threatening to taser him if he made any attempt to stand up.

David Inkle, 31, was a diagnosed schizophrenic who was prone to paranoia and delusion. His behavior had drawn the attention of police in the past but he had no history of violence. One officer wrote in his report that he "has a history of mental illness" following an incident where he was yelling and cursing in an apartment complex in 2017.

But on that August 13 night, Rawlings only felt safe enough to approach him after Joplin police officer Christopher Grant Meador pulled up to the scene; both of them approaching with their tasers drawn, Rawlings advising him the suspect appears to be "mental."

When both cops were standing over him, Inkle lifted his body as if to stand up which is when they both began tasering him which made his body start convulsing.

When he did not stop convulsing, Meador planted his foot on his body and Rawlens attempted to shove him back while tasering him – tasering her own hand in the process.

After Inkle managed to stand up, Meador pulled out his gun, ordering him to get back on the ground. But Inkle began running towards him which made Meador fear for his life which is when he fired five times.

“You will see Ingle swinging at (Rawlins) and then trying to reach for her gun belt," Joplin Police Chief Matt Stewart said in a press conference.

But the video shows that Inkle was just trying to stand up to keep from being tasered. At one point, he does swing his arm but it appears to be part of his attempt to stand up.

Stewart also said both cops were highly trained in how to deal with suspects who are mentally ill but that is also questionable by viewing the video.

Both Rawlens and Meador were cleared of any wrongdoing last month.

According to the Joplin Globe.

“The Missouri State Highway Patrol completed their investigation and determined no criminal wrongdoing (had been committed) by either of the officers,” Stewart said. “We also completed our own internal affairs investigation and ... determined there were no policy violations that occurred.”

Following the playing of the audio and video recordings on a screen inside the Joplin Public Safety Training Center, Stewart said: “It’s easy for someone who is not involved in law enforcement encounters to question events because they don’t know the reality of trying to subdue someone that is aggressively trying to attack them."

Meador and Rawlins have a combined 1,051 hours of police training, including 599 hours of "use of force" and "deescalation" training and 79 hours of mental health training, Stewart said. Meador joined the Joplin Police Department in July 2014; Rawlins joined in May 2017.

“Missouri requires every individual police officer to receive a minimum of 24 hours of training each year,” Stewart said. “As you can see, both of these officers have far exceeded the minimum required training — Meador, six times the required amount, and Rawlins, seven-and-a-half times the amount."

The above video has been edited down. The video below is unedited.

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I clearly understand why in the 60's & 70's they were called pigs!

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You have a right to self defense, you know what the police and persecutors (prosecutors) call that? Resisting arrest. Welcome to police state U.S.A. where citizens are afraid of the police and illegal aliens get sanctuary.


Coppers should be shot.


The thing is cops are under the same stricture as the rest of us, reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm. This seems unreasonable.


Okay, here I go.
I live in Joplin. I have watched and read Carlos's videos and blogs since he first started. Several years ago I video taped David Ingle (the guy in the video getting shot and killed) getting pulled over and given a sobriety test. His car was stopped in the middle of the road and the cops were across the street giving him the tests. At some point David tried to run away from the police, he just got a step or two away and the two cops started wailing on him. One cop hurt his own knee while trying to knee David in the ribs when he was on the ground. I am videoing the whole time.

After all that ruckus, (code 3 was called and every cop in town showed up) they wanted my phone since I "had evidence of a crime". I said nothing and kept videoing. The next thing I know my hand that was holding the phone was empty and I saw my phone skipping across the road. I looked at the cop and said, Hey!. He looked at me put his hand on his gun and ran out into the street to get my phone. I went through the whole "I want to talk to a supervisor etc... Supervisor says "We can take any evidence we want" I pretty much say you are going to have a lawsuit against you. He laughed. The cop that hurt his knee said "i'll show you what we do to people who record us"

It takes a while to get my phone back and guess what? You got it, no video. Wiped clean. Nothing at all on there. Tried recovery programs etc.. Nothing. Took it to a cellphone repair place and they couldn't get anything either.

Then one day I came home (apartment) and there was a letter from the city addressed to me in the lobby on a table. There was no apartment number on the address so the mail person, I guess just left it there hoping it would get to the right person. I opened it and it said I had missed a court date. Come to find out, the Joplin PD made up some BS story that I threw my phone across the street and started yelling and SHOVING cops around. When they got back to the station that night they wrote up an assault on an officer charge on me and sent it to me in the mail. But, they would leave off the apartment number. Hmmmm, incompetent or on purpose? Either one is just as bad as the other. So I had a warrant out for missing a court date that I had no idea I was even supposed to go to.

Talked to the DA and the DA said that she was friends with the officers and they would never do anything like that.
Got a lawyer and basically did all my own research. Gave it to the lawyer and he got the new DA (the other one quit) to drop the charges.

I know I'm skipping a lot of smaller details but giving you the highlights.

So to sum things up, maybe things would be different if there was video of police beating the crap out of David Ingle and then killing him a few years later. IDK, who knows.

This is where I live. It's a small town and I see those cops almost everyday. I did not pursue a 1983 lawsuit because I didn't want retaliation. And I would have gotten it, believe me. Here's a video of Joplin PD in action. This is not my video, but it shows the mindset of the police here.


Can't believe the male is still on the job with no disciplinary action taken. Things were under control for the most part until Capt. Deedaadee showed up playing asshole.


Cops are pussies

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