Deputy Shoots, Kills Fellow Deputy after Confusing him for Non-Existent Suspect

Fort Bend Constable Deputy Caleb Rule was 37.

Carlos Miller

Investigators are calling it a "tragedy of mistaken identity."

A Texas sheriff's deputy shot and killed a fellow deputy Friday morning after confusing him for a suspect while they both were searching a vacant home.

Turns out, there was nobody inside the house when the four law enforcement officers entered to search for possible trespassers.

They had been responding to a call from a woman who became suspicious after seeing "someone running down the street," according to KXAN. The woman apparently believed it had something to do with the vacant house because the cops were told to do a "property check in" there.

The deputy who died has been identified as Caleb Rule, 37, who worked for the Fort Bend Precinct 4 Constable's Office. The deputy who fired the shot has not been identified but he works for the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

According to Click 2 Houston:

Officials said they received a call for a vacant property check-in at Sienna Plantation after a neighbor called and said she saw someone running down the street, though it was suspicious. Officials said three deputies responded, as well as a deputy with Pct 4.

Deputies said they entered the residence through a back door that was not secure. They were then going through the process of clearing the home and at some point in time, the sheriff’s deputy discharged his weapon after he thought that there was a suspect inside the house.

Officials said that deputy, who has been identified as Caleb Rule, 37, was flown to Memorial Hermann with CPR in progress, where he later died.

Authorities said Rule worked for the department for nine months. Prior to that, Rule worked as a detective for the Missouri City Police Department for 14 years. He was a husband and father to four children.

Statements are being taken by the deputies on the scene. Deputies at the scene will be placed on administrative leave pending further investigation by the Texas Rangers.

“I’m not going to say anything was done wrong,” Constable Trever Nehls said. “I think what we have in this certain circumstance is mistaken identity. A tragedy of mistaken identity.” … “I am not going to speculate what I think the deputy felt at that time or what he was feeling as the home was being searched.”

Check out the press conference below.​

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Nick Nitro
Nick Nitro

The Supreme Court has said that the police are allowed to make "reasonable mistakes" even to the point of killing someone;


It just shows what we already know, and that's many police shoot on sight without reason/provocation, thankfully it was one of their own and not a person just looking for a place to sleep, not hurting anybody. I was waiting for the old "I feared for my life defense".


“I’m not going to say anything was done wrong." LOL. They can't even condemn cops when one of them shoots another one. Jesus, these people are morons. The first rule of firearm safety is "Know your target and what's behind it." The guy goes into a building with other cops, he knows those other cops are in it with him, and STILL his first reaction when he hears a noise is to start blazing away without identifying what the hell he's shooting at. If that's not something that was "done wrong," then what kinds of policies and procedures are they teaching these retards? On the plus side, he didn't kill an innocent citizen. And notice that the constable's only concern is with "what the deputy felt at the time." Felt. Not knew, not had reason to suspect or to know, but what he FELT. Feeling trump everything, including lives, apparently. No sympathy.


Mistaken identity because cops are quick on the draw and instantly pull the trigger. No thinking required. At least it was just another cop this time. Thank Goodness.


i am having trouble with this statement "the sheriff’s deputy discharged his weapon after he thought that there was a suspect inside the house."
it tells me that the pig DID NOT identify himself or bark out some command before shooting! what it DOES tell me is that cops are FAILING at an alarming rate to id themselves and shoot first!

while i don't have a problem with cops getting shot or killed. i do have a problem when the blue lies mafia thinks that it is above the law and laws don't apply to them.

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