Drunk Arkansas Cop who Stripped Naked on Dancefloor Allowed to Drive Home

Carlos Miller

Little Rock police said they had no idea Cebron Hackett was a cop when they escorted the drunk, naked man out the club.

An Arkansas cop was so drunk that he stripped naked and began dancing in a nightclub to the delight of revelers who video recorded his antics.

Conway police officer Cebron Hackett was also recorded charging one of the security guards who were trying to escort him out as Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" played.

The security guards – who were off-duty Little Rock police officers – escorted him out of the club. And the Pulaski Sheriff's Office then called the Conway Police Department to come pick up their man, who was allowed to put his clothes back on.

Despite police later acknowledging Hackett appeared "highly intoxicated" in the video, he was not arrested. Instead, he was allowed to drive his car home which was parked near the Conway Police Department.

However, he was suspended for 30 days without pay after Conway Police Chief Joy Spradlin viewed the video of the incident which took place at Discovery Nightclub in Little Rock on October 13.

"Your actions have brought discredit and embarrassment upon the Conway Police Department and could have resulted in your arrest for Public Intoxication," the suspension letter dated October 25 stated, according to KATV:

Another video shows Hackett outside putting on his clothes. Two Little Rock police officers appear to be speaking with him. Eventually, another police car pulls up with two more officers. A man in plain clothes helps Hackett stand while he gets dressed. Hackett then walks away.

What happened after that is not entirely clear. According to the letter, a Pulaski County sheriff's deputy called Conway police to give Hackett a ride. Someone then drove Hackett near the Conway Police Department, where his personal vehicle was parked. Hackett then drove himself home, the letter says.

Spradlin wrote in the letter that not enough time had passed for Hackett to "safely and legally drive a motor vehicle."

The second video described in the article does not appear to have been posted online. The video of him dancing naked is posted below with his private parts censored.

He has also apologized to the public in a Facebook post, saying he is accepting the consequences.

Little Rock police issued a statement saying they had no idea he was a cop when they allowed him to leave with "an acquaintance," which was his wife.

"Officers used discretion at the time not to arrest the subject for a misdemeanor offense, due to his cooperation and an acquaintance said they would be responsible for this subject," the statement says.

But are we really to believe Hackett or his wife at no point told the cops he was also a cop?

The Little Rock Police Department said it is "looking into" the officers' actions from that night.

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SO! WHO THE FUCK LET HIM DRIVE HOME? any and cops involved need to get charged with conspiracy and dereliction of duty! had this been a NON-cop, it'd be off to the drunk tank with ya!

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

He might as well just simply did so because the criminal justice shitstem wouldn’t have done anything to him anyway but if somebody says had he’d been a black cop he would’ve been arrested and somebody would be saying those most famous words;”OH YOU’RE JUST PLAYING THE RACE CARD.”😡😎

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