FL Deputy Left Suicide Notes, Killed Self 6.5 Hours After Bonding Out


Florida Deputy Left Chilling Suicide Notes, Killed Self 6.5 Hours After Bonding Out

A Florida deputy left two chilling suicide notes, one apologized to his “LEO family” and Broward Sheriffs Office before mentioning his wife and five kids. A scan of one of the notes is posted below.

The other note was written to “God.”

Broward Sheriff’s deputy Kreg Costa spent a almost week in jail prior to the 17-year veteran of the force committing suicide on Wednesday, right after obtaining his freedom for what would ultimately be the very last time.

Costa faced 29 charges of molestation and possession of child pornography.

His attorneys fought hard against a “draconian” bond requirement- which they describe in the video below – but alas the deputy was a flight risk, just not the kind of flight his lawyers were worried about.

The 43-year-old law enforcement officer paid a $250,000 bond, on Wednesday morning at 11am.

He shot himself at 5:30pm Wednesday night.

The pair of lawyers had argued that the deputy couldn’t afford a higher bond than $50,000 on his $146,000 annual salary, but obviously were mistaken. Costa’s suicide note to the Sunrise Police Department was published by a local TV station and reads:

I’m sorry you have to respond to this – VERY SORRY.
I have embarrassed my LEO family and the Sheriff’s Office. For that I am also deeply sorry.
Most of all, I have embarrassed my family and they are not deserving of this embarrassment.
Tell them that I love them very much and I am sorry.

It concluded with his wife’s contact information and where to find a hidden firearm in the house.

Ironically, his story has become national and international news after the suicide, but wasn’t reported outside of his local area when the arrest was made.

Now his children ages 3 thru 12 will grow up fatherless, which might be a good thing considering the horrifying crimes Costa was accused of committing while working as a deputy.

He wasn’t allowed to have contact with them when released and awaiting trial under “special bond conditions.”

A two month investigation Costa, caught the deputy trading sexually explicit messages with a 16-year-old girl on twitter with the handle @CallMeSir34. The Sun Sentinel reported:

Costa was arrested June 9 after hidden cameras planted in his Weston office showed he spent three to four hours per midnight shift perusing online child porn featuring underage girls, incest, bondage and domination and having cybersex chats with a California teen, authorities announced last week.
All 29 charges stem from Costa’s online exchanges with a 16-year-old California girl, identified online as “Babygirl.” She was 15, and told Costa so, when they began communicating last August. Over eight months, Costa engaged in sexually charged conversations with her and coaxed her into supplying him with a steady stream of sexually explicit photos and videos of herself, a two-month investigation revealed.

Broward County is the home of the City of Fort Lauderdale and over one million south Florida residents.

Additionally, searches of his work laptop showed that the veteran deputy frequented incest websites, eventually leading to child porn charges.

Now the deputy who Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said, “tarnished the badge” in a tawdry local news story, has made international headlines for his suicide.

If his family was embarrassed before, his widow must be completely devastated now- and truly she and her family are the victims in Costa’s crime of carnal cravings unfettered behind the badge.



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