Florida Cops Arrest Six-year-old Girl for Throwing Temper Tantrum in Classroom

Carlos Miller

The Orlando police officer also arrested an eight-year-old student from the same school that day.

A sleep-deprived six-year-old girl was handcuffed and transported to jail Thursday where she was fingerprinted and photographed after throwing a temper tantrum in class.

Kaia Rolle suffers from sleep apnea and was acting out from lack of sleep when she kicked a teacher who was trying to calm her down, her aunt, Meralyn Kirkland, told WFLA.

But the teacher called the local school resource cop who handcuffed the girl, placed her in his car and drove her to the Orange Regional Juvenile Assessment Center where she was booked on a misdemeanor charge of battery complete with mugshot.

"Grandma, the handcuffs hurt," the girl told her grandmother after she had been released, according to Click Orlando.

Orlando police officer Dennis Turner, the school resource cop, also arrested an eight-year-old student from the same school that very same day and is now being investigated by internal affairs because he failed to obtain approval from his watch commander before making either arrest. Departmental policy requires officers to obtain approval before arresting any juvenile under the age of 12.

The arrests took place in an Orlando public charter school named Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy.

An Orlando cop named Dennis Turner retired last year. It is not clear at this time if these are the same people.

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Cops are absolute brainless automatons. Thinking is not necessary, just doing their job. Stupidity is rampant, right along with shooting unarmed people. Do we really need cops? They seem to cause more problems than they are hired to prevent. Why do we believe we always need a Big Daddy watching over us? Between cops and God, we are left without any help whatsoever. One is criminal, the other imaginary.

Fascist Slayer
Fascist Slayer

Ha!! Ha!! LLMMMFFAAOOO!!! OH MY GOD!!! I just shit my pants. What a horrible fucking rot hole of a cunt of a country. Belly laugh, belly laugh, I can't get over it. Can one imagine what a horrible fucking shit hole. Is this for real?? Today, it's Juvenile Detention, tomorrow will be the ovens.

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