Florida Sheriff Fired after Inmates Tested Positive for Drugs and Alcohol

Nathan Dimoff

The inmates got drunk and high while he sat inside his car watching twerking videos.

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was fired after multiple inmates under his supervision returned from work duty drunk and high.

Clay County sheriff's deputy David Barnes Jr., son of Director of Personnel and Professional Standards Officer David Barnes, was in charge of keeping watch over five inmates while they were working outside of the jail in July.

The investigation began after two inmates started fighting in a holding cell on July 31.

During the preliminary investigation, the two inmates were drunk and three other inmates under his supervision tested positive for THC, the active compound in marijuana.

According to First Coast News:

> "During the investigation, the van used to transport inmates was searched and the following was uncovered:

> -Two Mellow Yellow bottles containing hand sanitizer (altered for oral consumption)

> -One empty hand sanitizer bag

> -One full bag of hand sanitizer

> -Two empty cans of Copenhagen long cut mint tobacco."

Pictures of the contraband have been released.

During the investigation, inmates advised that Barnes Jr. would be playing music and watching twerking videos on his cell phone.

In another incident, Barnes Jr. was observed sitting in the transport vehicle for 60 of the 70 minutes that inmates were outside of the transport van.

Inmates interviewed during the investigation said Barnes Jr. would be on his cell phone during work details -- "playing music" and "videos."

A separate incident described in the report said Barnes Jr. was in his vehicle while inmates worked outside.

Barnes Jr. attempted to turn in a resignation but the department refused it and instead fired Barnes Jr., according to Action News Jax.


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