Georgia Cops Enter Wrong Home without Warrant and Hold Man and Child at Gunpoint

Grandfather Concerned After Armed Officers Entered Home
Grandfather Concerned After Armed Officers Entered Home

Brookhaven Police looking for missing children entered a home Monday with guns drawn, and the grandfather staying there isn't happy about how they...

Carlos Miller

The Brookhaven cops said a cellphone ping led them to the address where they believe missing children could be.

Acting on a cellphone ping, Georgia cops entered a home without a warrant and held a man at gunpoint while searching for missing children they believed could be harbored inside.

But the only child inside was Scott Kuhn's 4-year-old grandson whom he was babysitting.

Brookhaven Deputy Police Chief Brandon Gurley told WSB-TV his officers acted appropriately but Kuhn is not happy at having the cops enter his home without permission and with guns drawn.

He said the front door of the home was left unlocked so they are required by departmental policy

"We'll make sure that the occupants are ok," he said.

And what better way of ensuring their safety than by pointing a gun at them?

Gurley said his officers were acting on a tip from another law enforcement agency that pinged a cell phone to the house they visited.

Pinging is a way cell network providers use GPS to determine a person's whereabouts. Police are required to obtain a warrant before obtaining this information, the Supreme Court ruled last year.

But it evidently is not accurate if it sent police to the wrong house where they had to hold an innocent man at gunpoint.

And there is still the issue of the missing kids and why haven't police released their names and photos to ask the public for help in finding them rather than enter private homes with no warrant and with guns drawn?

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cops just doing there job! creating another anti-cop individual one day at a time! just another million dollar pay out!


Lock and load don't let this happen to you


Police seem to have the same mindset of the Brown Shirts back in Germany. You know the guys that became the SS when Hitler was elected chancellor. Guess we didnt get the memo about this here in what is supposed to be a free country.

And it just doesnt stop with things like this. You know the saying "Papers Please". Well we also have this invasion of Civil Liberties when the police thing they can force you to produce Govt ID on demand.

Not sure who we are supposed to say "Zieg Hiel" to. So if anyone knows, please let me know so I dont end up in Auschwitz.

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