GRAPHIC: Downtown Dallas Cop’s Death Recorded in Long Distance Video

PINAC News staff

Eye witness video captured a police officer in downtown Dallas being shot in the back.

The video was aired on CNN with an interview of the witness who recorded a downtown Dallas area police officer being shot by an assailant at point blank range from long distance.

Contrary to initial reports, this attack was not carried out by a sniper.

There appeared to be an incendiary device explosion towards the end of the video of unknown origin.

The video was shot at a maximum zoom, not enough to show faces, but more than enough to show that the Dallas cop looked his murderer in the eyes before succumbing to the apparently fatal gunshot wound.

The cop killer and officer faced off under the colonnade of a high rise building, firing at each other at first from behind the pillars of the building.

Then the killer stormed the officer’s position as bullets ricocheted off of the brick facade.

The Dallas cop guessed that his attacker was going to his right side of the pillar.

He didn’t stand a chance.

The attacking man had run to the officer’s left side and ambushed him, shooting him from behind in the 12th second of the chilling video below.

It appeared that additional fire or tear gas was fired at the cop killer’s direction in the last few seconds of the 25 second clip.

At this time, it is unknown if this cold blooded police murder was committed by the alleged sniper suspect or if this is the second suspect Dallas police are pursuing tonight.

Reports indicate that three people are in custody for these downtown Dallas shootings; a fourth person has exchanged gunfire and is negotiating with Dallas police officers at the El Centro Garage according to Dallas Chief Brown’s statement in a Periscope video.

Dallas Chief Brown says that the fourth suspect is claiming that there are more bombs and booby traps in that parking garage and in downtown Dallas, so police are sweeping the area.

Chief Brown says that the Dallas Police Department suspects that there are more attackers.

This is a breaking story.

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maybe cop should rethink the way that that thy treat "we the people"! because we the people are tired of there shit! don't like getting attacked, stop being a thug!

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