Miami Beach Cops Strip Woman Naked Over $16 Cab Fare, Lawsuit States

Carlos Miller

Miami Beach Cops Strip Woman Naked Over $16 Cab Fare, Lawsuit States.

The doorman had already paid the woman’s cab fare when a group of Miami Beach cops ordered the driver to return the $20 bill to the doorman.

The cops then yanked the woman out of her apartment in nothing but a bathrobe after she refused to let them inside.

Candace Padavick says her bathrobe fell open, leaving her naked and exposed, when a cop shoved her face into a wall, according to a lawsuit she filed this week against the Miami Beach Police Department over the April 15, 2013 incident.

She remained naked and handcuffed for 30 minutes sitting in the corridor outside her apartment as Miami Beach police ransacked her home without a warrant.

All because she didn’t have $16.90 in cash to pay the driver who had driven her and two friends home after a night of partying.

Padavick said she tried to pay with a credit card, but the driver refused, even though the cab had a card reader.

She then went inside to get the money as the driver remained in the lobby of her building.

But instead of walking about out, she stepped into the shower as the cab driver waited impatiently downstairs, calling the police over his fare.

The doorman then handed the driver a $20 bill, telling the driver to tell the cops that the matter was settled.

But the cops ordered the driver to return the money to the doorman, then stormed up to her apartment where they banged on the door.

Padavick stepped out of the shower and answered the door in nothing but a bathrobe, asking for a search warrant when the cops demanded to be let in.

That was when they grabbed her and slammed her, stripping her naked as they searched her apartment.

Miami Beach police, of course, have a completely different version of the story, claiming they were in fear for their safety because she attacked them after opening the door.

However, all charges against the woman, including battery on an officer, resisting with violence and theft, were dismissed before it even went to court.

Two of the cops involved in the incident, Joseph Gonzalez and Giordano Cardoso, were reprimanded in 2015 and ordered to go through more training, which means they were able to dock more taxpayer dollars to learn something they should have already learned in the academy.


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