Miami-Dade Courts Employee Took Money to Falsify Court Documents

Keith Palmer

A Miami-Dade County courts employee accepted money to give someone fake documents via an undercover police operation

Miami Dade court employee Donald Mathis, 48, was charged with official misconduct by a public servant, falsifying public records and conspiracy this week.

Mathis solicited and accepted $1,400 to provide “a confidential source” with fake official documents showing that court costs had been satisfied in order for the confidential source to get a valid driver’s license. This was a two-month undercover investigation.

Mathis confessed to the scheme.

The Clerk of the Courts office issued a statement late Friday:

“We don’t know yet what process [Donald Mathis] used to do what he did for those people, but we are investigating it and know that he promised these people those services. He is suspended without pay and pending a disciplinary hearing. Depending on the results of the hearing, he may be fired.”

The original amount of court costs the source was expected to pay to reinstate the drivers license was not disclosed but falsifying documents is generally something only police officers can get away with.

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Send him straight to prison!


Dang never heard of this type of corruption before

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