Michigan Judge Arrested, Accused of Assaulting Woman; Second Arrest in Two Years

David Parrott

Keith Palmer

A judge was arrested after a woman he was in a relationship with suffered a head injury, a cut, and tailbone pain

Fourteen months after Michigan judge David Parrott was arrested on DWI charges after driving his car off the road, he was arrested on domestic violence charges.

The Wayne County 34th District Court judge is expected to be arraigned Monday after police were called to his home Saturday evening which he shares with his partner in Van Buren Township.

While investigating, police spoke to a woman in the home who said she suffered a bump on her head, a cut on her hand and pain in her tailbone after Parrott allegedly assaulted her, WXYZ News reports. Police eventually took Parrott into custody.

Parrott has been charged by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy with domestic violence assault and battery. Parrott was expected to be arraigned in court on February 10.

Parrott plead not guilty and was ordered by a judge to turn over all of his firearms.

Parrott admitted that he has a Savage Side By Side 12-gauge shotgun, two .22 rifles, and a .44 magnum pistol. Parrott is required to turn over all of his guns to the Van Buren Police Department. Parrott is also not allowed to drink alcohol and must wear an alcohol-monitoring device, police said.

A judge released Parrott on a personal bond. As a condition of release, Parrott is not to return to his home or have contact with the victim.

Manistee police arrested Parrott on Christmas Day in 2018 on drunken driving charges after he drove his car off the road and into a field. He called a tow truck but that was not able to help him, according to local media, so he called a sheriff's deputy. The deputy arrested him after he agreed to both a breathalyzer and blood test which he both failed. He registered a .10 blood alcohol content on the breathalyzer which is above the .08 legal limit.

The case is still pending. Parrott has filed a 45-page appeal in the hopes of getting it thrown out.

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watch he will get spanked worse then any cop with the same charges! yet it will still be far less then then any of us could possibly hope for if us peasants got the same charges.

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