New Video from Costco Shooting where Off-Duty Cop Killed Mentally Ill


In the moments after an off-duty Los Angeles police officer shot and killed a mentally ill man inside a Southern California Costco in 2019, a responding police officer found the off-duty cop laying on his back on the floor as if he he was the one who had been shot.

​"Do you have any weapons?" asked the Corona police officer who had been parked in front of the store on June 14, 2019 after the off-duty cop fired ten times, killing the man and wounding his mother and father.

"No, he's got it," responded Salvador Sanchez, pointing at the man he had just shot who was laying on the floor along with his parents, all of them struck by gunfire.

But Kenneth French – who witnesses say either slapped or punched the cop in the back of the head unprovoked – never did have a weapon. And surveillance video shows his father was shoving him away from Sanchez when the cop opened fire which is when they fall to the ground.

However, the surveillance video is grainy and far from the incident. A closer surveillance camera that might have captured the entire incident was not working, according to prosecutors.

The new body camera video was obtained by NBC Los Angeles after months of requesting it from the Corona Police Department in Riverside County.

As Sanchez is lying on his back, he explains his version to the cop.

“I see a blast and I feel my head get knocked out, and I fall to the ground, I dropped my son. When I dropped my son, and the guy like, hunkers down," he says.

"What guy?" the cop asks.

"The guy in the blue shirt. I believed he was still armed so I shot."

"Those people probably like got in the way," he explains in regards to French's parents being shot as well.


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