NYPD Cop whose Son was Killed by Fellow Cops Demands External Investigation

Carlos Miller

New York City police officer Maria Hernandez apparently does not trust an internal investigation.

An NYPD police officer whose son was killed by fellow cops is demanding an external investigation into the shooting.

New York City police officer Maria Hernandez apparently does not trust an internal investigation just as drunk cops never agree to take a breathalyzer. They know better.

“This has to be fully investigated by an outside source ’cause it makes no sense,'” NYPD officer Maria Hernandez told the New York Post. “Did they even try to tase him?”

The incident took place Wednesday when police were called to an apartment building in Harlem about a naked man with a gun in the hallway terrorizing a resident by banging on her door and breaking glass.

Victor Hernandez, 29, was the superintendent of the building and had no history of mental illness, his mother said. But police say he had been arrested twice before this year for domestic violence.

Police say the naked man came charging at NYPD police officer Christopher Wintermute, punching him several times by other officers before he was gunned down.

Wintermute was also shot in the chest but was saved by his bulletproof vest. Police said he was shot by Hernandez but there was initial speculation that it could have been fired by one of the other seven officers on the scene, the New York Post reported.

But Hernandez's parents are naturally grief-stricken.

“He was a hard working [sic] great father of two children,” she wrote. “Who worked hard full time and did side jobs to raise his children and went to Lehman college after work.

“He paid his taxes and was a good citizen.”

The mom couldn’t offer any insight into what prompted her son’s apparent break early Wednesday.

“He [sic] only run in with the police were domestic no drugs or gun charges,” she wrote. “No mental history. He was a good man and the world is a darker place without his bright light.”

His father, Tomas Hernandez, added via text of his son, “I would rather have him in jail fighting a case than dead.”

Meanwhile, Wintermute, 34, was released from the hospital to applause from fellow cops, the New York Post reported. Maria Hernandez is a 14-year veteran of the department and works out of the Bronx.

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Yankee Cracker
Yankee Cracker

No help to the mafiosi. Tough shit cop, yer traitor born child is dead.

If the internal investigations are fine for the people, they are perfect for the cops.

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

Maria Hernandez what I’d like to know is how did you feel about the internal investigation before your son was killed,just saying.😎


meanwhile over at the blue lies mafia page, the bootlickers are calling for momma cops resignation. with claims of she is unfit for duty and other shit!

so when a cop doesn't trust there own IA to do a full or real investigation, that should speak volumes about our police force! like WE DON'T TRUST YOU ANY MORE!


This is not limited to Cops not trusting Internal Investigations. Every Minority scream this anytime anything happens to them. States need to create Independent Investigation Units that look into all Police related shootings.

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