OR Judge Jails Female Sexual Abuse Victim While Allowing Jail Guard

Carlos Miller

Oregon Judge Jails Female Sexual Abuse Victim While Allowing Jail Guard Suspect to Remain Free

A woman accusing a jail guard of coercing her into sex while she was an inmate was ordered back in jail again to ensure she would testify against him in the upcoming trial.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been free on bail since his arrest last December.

The 41-year-old woman, who has not been identified, has been jailed since August 16. The trial is scheduled for October 4.

Washington County Circuit Judge Charles Bailey ordered her jail, claiming she might not show up to trial to testify against the former jail guard.

Brian Balzer, who retired from the jail in 2013, is facing two felony counts, including first-degree custodial sexual misconduct and supplying contraband to inmates, apparently in exchange for sex.

The woman said the 41-year-old man would give her perfume samples while she was incarcerated in 2012.

According to Oregon Live:

The woman disclosed the relationship to investigators, saying their sexual contact inside the prison included kissing, masturbation and oral sex, court records say.
She also gave state investigators a letter that Balzer wrote her while she was still in prison, according to court records. Under the pseudonym “Kalvin K Kane,” Balzer griped about not seeing the inmate any time he wanted to, the records say. Investigators later found his fingerprint on the letter’s envelope.
Records showed Balzer and the woman stayed in touch after she was released through email and Facebook messages, some that were romantic or sexual. The messages also included pictures of Balzer and a “peculiar Celtic theme.”
The woman had served a variety of sentences at Coffee Creek dating to 1996, including convictions for various drug crimes, identity theft and burglary. Most recently, she served about three years at Coffee Creek for violating probation before she was released to the halfway house, according to the Corrections Department and court testimony.

Since 2004, at least eight male employees from the all-female Coffee Creek Correctional Facility have been convicted for having sexual relationships with female inmates.

In 2008, the prison paid $415,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by 17 female inmates who say they were sexually abused in the jail.

But it does not appear any of the previous victims were jailed against their wishes in order to ensure they attend the trial of the suspect.

The woman’s attorney believes jailing the alleged victim might deter other victims from coming forward.

And knowing the history of that jail, perhaps that’s the point.

Below is a video of Blazer talking about his job recorded back when he was working there.



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