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New Haven County police claimed Lymond Moses "drove at a high rate of speed directly at the officers."
Once again, cops positioned themselves in front of an oncoming car before shooting the driver to death, claiming they were in fear for their lives.

However, the body camera footage released Tuesday shows Lymond Moses was driving away from police when he was shot to death.

No wonder it took the New Castle County Police Department in Delaware two months to release the video. And only after intense pressure from Moses' family and the local chapter of the NAACP.

Nevertheless, the Delaware News Journal quoted a "use-of-force expert" who claimed the shooting was justified because the car is a "dangerous instrument" – even if it was trying to veer away from the officers.

But in a similar case last week, a Texas grand jury indicted Austin police officer Christopher Taylor for shooting and killing a man last year who was driving away from cops, claiming he was in fear for his life.

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