South Carolina DUI Prosecutor Arrested on DUI Charges, Leaving Scene of Crash

Jamie Nichols

Keith Palmer

A prosecutor who specialized in prosecuting DUI cases was himself arrested on DUI charges.

South Carolina DUI prosecutor Jamie Nichols, 28, was fired from his job after he was arrested and accused of driving drunk and fleeing the scene, authorities say.

Nichols was charged on May 2 with DUI and leaving the scene of a crash, according to The Herald. The South Carolina Highway Patrol says Nichols left the scene of a two-car crash outside of Rock Hill, SC.

And later that night, Rock Hill police say Nichols was found at the scene of a second crash inside the city limits. No injuries were reported in either crash. The South Carolina Highway Patrol says Nichols had a blood alcohol level of .16, which is double the legal limit. Nichols was then arrested.

16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett said:

“We hold ourselves to a higher standard, and Mr. Nichols was terminated from our office as soon as we determined he had been charged.”

Nichols worked as a DUI prosecutor and was terminated from the position after his arrest.

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to bad cops don't get fired like that!


Oh, the irony!

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