South Florida Cop Shoots Self while trying to Shoot Family Dog Named Bella

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Carlos Miller

Both cop and dog survived the shooting.

A lucky dog's life was spared when a South Florida cop shot himself as he tried to shoot the dog early Friday morning.

Davie police said the officer was at a home for a non-criminal incident when the family dog came "charging" at the him so he had to resort to his training which is to open fire because that is pretty much a cop's solution to everything.

But the cop ended up shooting his hand which was in front of the muzzle. The bullet only grazed the dog, a boxer named Bella who remains alive and in the care of her family.

The cop, meanwhile, had to be transported to the hospital with a non-life threatening injury.

According to Local 10:

“When the police officer got to the front door of the residence, the family pet -- happens to be a female boxer named Bella -- ran right past him and went toward the officer," Davie police Lt. Mark Leone said. "The officer was in fear, drew his firearm and fired one shot.”

Home surveillance video shows what appears to be the officer walking back and forth from the home.

Moments later, more police cars arrive -- lights flashing -- and officers run toward the home.

A short time goes by when two officers are seen walking on the sidewalk, one of them grasping his hand.

He gets to the back of a patrol car and appears to start wrapping something around the wound to stop the bleeding, seemingly frustrated.

Several of the officers gathered around shine their flashlights on the wound. An ambulance arrives and the officer gets in the back before it drives away.

Surely there must be an award in store for this cop in the future.

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cant help but wonder if the c.o.p. criminal oppressing the public got a retirement check out of it and how much he has cost the tax payers over his lifetime


This is so obviously an anti-cop rag I mean this is not I’m a left-wing Democrats and to me this is false news cop hating rag thank God the cop is OK I love dogs thank God the dog is OK I think the cop should get a medal of honor and I think any of you sick people who think an animal is worth more than a human being I tell you WHITE take your child walk across the street with the dog in one hand and the child and the other with lots of traffic and which one are you gonna let go of first assholes


so why was the cop there in the first place? doesn't matter the reason was forgotten after the dummy shot himself! the other cops were too worried about the Zero that shot himself then actually doing there job!


Finally, something of good news about idiot, gun-slinging cops. Owners should have taken a baseball bat to the cop when he reached for his gun. But, thankfully, karma intervened and the asshole shot himself. Rejoice. Good news sometimes get shared. Now we need to worry if other cops will return to finish the job of shooting the dog for being vicious.


As the saying goes, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh. I hope the dog's ok.

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