Texas Judge Arrested After Allegedly Shooting at her Husband's New Girlfriend

Alexandra Smoots-Thomas

Keith Palmer

This Texas judge is in jail after she was arrested on allegations of shooting at her husband's mistress

Harris County Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas is accused of shooting at her husband's girlfriend during an argument on August 10 in Houston. Judge Smoots-Thomas was already suspended after being charged with seven counts of wire fraud in 2019. The federal indictment detailed she allegedly spent campaign donations on personal expenses.

But her latest charge is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to ABC 13 News the incident happened at the girlfriend's home. Investigators said Judge Smoots-Thomas was in the woman's driveway armed with a shotgun, honking and causing a disturbance.

When the woman came out of the home with a long board weapon, she and the judge got into an argument.

The girlfriend tried hitting the shotgun away with the long board but the judge opened fire three times, court records say. The shots hit the girlfriend's house, police say. The victim involved in the incident is the girlfriend of Smoot-Thomas' husband.

The victim was not hurt or hit by the gunfire.

Judge Smoots-Thomas was arrested on August 12 and was being held on a $10,000 bond. The judge is now out on bond and not permitted to possess a weapon. Within the last year the judge has undergone cancer treatment.

Judge Smoots-Thomas served on the bench of the 164th Civil District Court for 10 years before her suspension. Per the judge's suspension she was accused of using campaign funds to purchase jewelry and luxury items.

Prosecutors allege the judge used $25,000 in campaign funds to pay for items like a luxury handbag, a $700 ring, her children's school tuition, and her mortgage.

The FBI received an anonymous complaint of bribery regarding judge Smoot-Thomas. She pleaded not guilty to the wire fraud charges; the case is still pending in court.

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