Three Men Named in the Killing of Witness who Testified against Amber Guyger

Carlos Miller

Dallas police say Joshua Brown was killed in a drug deal gone bad.

Dallas police have named three men in connection with the shooting death of Joshua Brown, the 28-year-old man who lived across the hall from Botham Jean when he was killed by Amber Guyger.

Brown was found shot to death on Friday, 10 days after he took the witness stand and described hearing the gunshots that killed his neighbor. Prosecutors say his testimony was instrumental in Guyger's conviction, resulting in a 10-year prison sentence for the former Dallas cop.

Initial news of the shooting death was met with skeptism from the public, many who suspected he was killed in retaliation for his testimony.

But police say he was killed over a drug transaction. So far, one of the three suspects have been arrested while two are still on the loose.

According to NBC news:

Jacquerious Mitchell, 20; Michael Mitchell, 32; and Thaddeous Green, 22, traveled from Alexandria, Louisiana, to purchase drugs from Brown, according to authorities.

Jacquerious Mitchell is in custody and the other two are being sought, Dallas Assistant Police Chief Avery Moore said at a news conference Tuesday.

Thaddeous Charles Green is accused of shooting Brown two times, Moore said. On the night of the shooting, Green had a conversation with Brown that escalated into an argument.

Brown, 28, was found lying on the ground in an apartment parking lot with multiple gunshot wounds, two days after Guyger was convicted of murder.

Brown was killed at an apartment complex about six miles from the Southside Flats apartment complex where Jean was killed.

Watch his testimony in the video below.

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Toothbrush Bandit
Toothbrush Bandit

So these guys supposedly traveled across state lines & shot a guy... over weed? Not buyin it

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