Video: Ohio Judge Arrested for Drunk Driving, Failed Field Sobriety Tests

Joshua Brown

Dash cam video shows drunk Ohio Judge Monica Hawkins failing sobriety tests

A newly-elected judge in Franklin County, Ohio was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

Judge Monica Hawkins, 54, was stopped by Pickerington Police on the night of January 31. Hawkins is a domestic relations/juvenile court judge.

On January 31, police Sgt. Chad Wallace responded to a emergency call about an erratic driver.

Hawkins pulled her Infiniti sedan over in the parking lot of a Subway after an officer activated the cruiser lights. Officer Mercedes Gavins wrote that Hawkins had nearly hit the curb, crossed lane markings, and had been making abrupt stops. Gavins also wrote in the report that the judge smelled like alcohol, and identified herself as a judge.

Judge Hawkins failed several field sobriety tests. Subsequently Judge Hawkins was arrested but once taken to the police station, she refused to sign a waiver of her Miranda rights and refused to submit to more tests.

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A warrant had to be obtained to have the judge's blood drawn. Judge Hawkins was taken to Ohio Health Hospital so police could get a blood alcohol sample, but she refused to provide the blood sample even after being advised of the warrant. Cops had to hold her down to get a blood sample.

Judge Hawkins had a blood alcohol content of 0.199 NBC news reports.

Hawkins was released to relatives, and plead guilty at her trial in Fairfield Municipal court. Judge Hawkins was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 87 of them suspended.

Hawkins must complete the remaining three days in a residential drivers intervention program. She was also fined $370 and given a one-year driving suspension with privileges to and from work, doctors, counseling appointments and child activities.

Hawkins, who ran in the primary election as a Democrat, was a Franklin County Children Services caseworker for a decade. She then earned her law degree and worked as a staff attorney for the agency. She also had been an assistant city prosecutor for Columbus, Ohio.

Hawkins was appointed as judge in January 2019.

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So she can even go to child's activities? I watched a trial not long ago where a woman on house arrest had a mother in the hospital in bad shape and she had to beg the judge for permission to go see her. It's crazy, she got a tap on the wrist, not even a slap! Disgusting nd hypocrital of the judge on her case!

Bill Gray
Bill Gray

Only a totally incompetent judge or lawyer would submit to a field sobriety test


Who says the legal system is fair? Black Female Judge and did not spend one day in jail. Charles Barkley spent one night in jail for DWI in Phoenix 5-10 years back. She hit the jackpot but if she does it again there will be more serious consequences.

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