VIDEO: Portland Cops Shoot Man in Homeless Shelter, Not Sure if he was Right Man

Carlos Miller

Police shoot man to death but are not even sure if he was armed.

In a shocking video posted to Facebook Saturday night, people inside a homeless shelter can be seen scrambling for cover as Portland police storm in with rifles pointed, opening fire on a man standing about 30 feet away who appeared to have a knife but did not appear to be a threat.

At this time, Portland police are not even saying if he was the right man or if he was armed.

Police say they were looking for a carjacking suspect who fled after crashing the car a few blocks away.

They say he ran into the shelter where they shot and killed him.

​According to Oregon Live:

As police responded to the crash, they received reports the man might be armed, Burley said, but he said it was still unclear if he was armed at the time of the shooting.

It was also unclear if the man killed was involved in the earlier carjacking. Burley said the man had not been identified.

Also, one witness said police were looking for a man in a red jacket but the man who was shot does not appear to be wearing a red jacket.

John Terrio, who was in the area at the time of the shooting, said police arrived in force, some carrying rifles. They asked if anyone had seen a man in a red jacket, he said, then went inside the shelter. Then, Terrio said, he heard about eight shots.

An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting had just begun at the time of the shooting, said Cityteam Portland Executive Director Mike Giering.

The incident appeared to have unfolded over several blocks. A crashed vehicle was blocking the Portland Streetcar tracks on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, while Grand Avenue was closed near Southeast Washington Street during the investigation.

If you think the shoot first and ask questions later is unconstitutional, you can thank the Supreme Court who ruled this week that cops should have qualified immunity from killing citizens, which is a license to kill.

Check out the video here.


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