WATCH: Chaotic Video Shows Cops Breaking into Man's Home before Running Away

Carlos Miller

The Wilmington Police Department in North Carolina have not explained why they were trying to break into a man's home.

In one of the most chaotic videos to surface this year, North Carolina cops were recorded trying to break into a man's house by the man who not only lives in the house but says he called them to his house early Monday morning.

But Jimmy Valimont appeared to be just as confused as anybody.

"What is going on?' Valimont repeatedly asks throughout the four-and-a-half minute video until he is arrested towards the end of the video.

The Wilmington police officers appear just as confused throughout the video, initially trying to break into Valimont's home, breaking a window and kicking at his front door.

"We called you because there were prostitutes in the neighborhood, you're kicking our ass," Valimont tells a male cop trying to kick his door down. "This is my porch!"

It did not seem to resonate with the cops that perhaps Valimont could have simply opened the door for them.

"What's your name?" he asks the female cop. "I'm on my porch."

"Get away!" the female cop shrieks. "Do not approach me!"

"I called you for prostitutes, what's going on?" Valimont asks.

The female cop who has blood on her arm from breaking a window suddenly yells and runs away, appearing to run towards another property in the neighborhood where cops had gathered as sirens in the distance grow louder.

At that point, police had lost all interest in Valimont's home so it appears to be another police blunder where they showed up to the wrong house and insisted on breaking in despite the homeowner being right there, inquiring about their presence.

PINAC News has reached out to Valimont as well as Wilmington police but has not received a response. The video was initially posted by Valimont who has since removed it.

The Port City Daily reported there were no calls to dispatch regarding prostitution but there was a call about a man with a knife.

New details gleaned from a 911 recording and dispatcher’s call log of the incident reveal at least one officer was injured during the pursuit, one that included at least seven WPD squad units responding to a report of a man who allegedly threatened the caller with a knife. It also shows a man named Bryan Rivera-Cota was arrested for assaulting an officer and inflicting serious injury, and the man who filmed the incident was arrested and released an hour-and-a-half later on an unsecured bond.

At 1:10 a.m. Monday morning, after roommates held a party at their home on the corner of South 5th Avenue and Wright Street, a man called 911 and informed the dispatcher of a man lurking on his property who had threatened him with a knife after he declined to give him a cigarette.

He said the man called him a derogatory term commonly used for Mexican people, but informed the dispatcher he was Native American.

“He was being violent,” the caller said. “I called 911, and he went away.”

He told the dispatcher that the man — perhaps 30 to 50 years old, black, with a grey goatee — had started walking along Wright Street toward 3rd Street.

The 911 dispatcher recommends the caller go inside and lock the door, saying a unit will be dispatched as soon as possible but, in general, the situation seems not to have been serious. The caller states that man had left and both the 911 call and dispatch records indicate no one was injured or in danger. The call ended around 1:20 a.m.

Apparently, police somehow got the impression that the man with a knife was inside Valimont's home but are refusing to admit it.

Watch the shortened video above or the full video below.

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That female impersonating an office definitely needed to get restrained. That is so dangerous to put badges on women. If one ever came at me like she would definitely remember who she works for.


All of you are mentally deteriorating. Everyone in this scenario is a fool. Calling the police because of prostitutes? Honestly, this guy deserved this. That is so degrading and morally corrupt in of it's own. All of you are SO quick to dehumanize women. Even the comments just talk about how that "bitch" was crazy. Of course she is crazy, she is a police officer. Catch up with the times morons. This is a waste of media. Real people's lives are being taken away from them and all you have to do is to talk about how bizarre it is that the cops behave this way. News flash: it is NOT bizarre. Watch one video on how police are trained. They are psychologically humiliated into violent monsters. Same with the military. The guy is a fucking dumbass too. Why is he calling the police about sex workers, that is criminal of itself. Don't be a narc. The only reason why he did that was so he didn't have to feel sorry about his own nasty dick. Seriously, wash your fucking dicks morons I am tired of smelling your dick cheese- jesus, it even reeks in this video


I dont get it?? what is going on?? somebody was stoned

Original Cop Blocker
Original Cop Blocker

I watched the clip of that screaming banshee 10 times. It's should be put on a loop for laughter!


That demon-eyed coplette needs to be fired-she obviously can't handle the job!


now it is time for the blue lies mafia cover-up. they will need time to circle the wagons, get there lies in order and try to justify there actions....


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