WATCH: Cops Shoot Man in Head after Confronting him for Drinking Beer in Public

Carlos Miller

San Diego police removed more than 25 seconds of audio from the moments immediately after the shooting.

Toby Diller was drinking a beer in public when a San Diego police car pulled up to confront him. Just over a minute later, the 31-year-old man was dead, a bullet to his head.

San Diego police say he ripped the gun and holster from an officer's during a struggle making them fear for their lives but that is not evident in the two body camera videos released last week.

But what is evident from an overhead security camera video is that Dillion was not bothering anybody nor committing any other crime other than drinking a beer in public when police pulled up and confronted him. Police say he was "acting erratically" but that is not evident in the video other than he may have been waving his arms at one point.

The security video shows Diller took off running as soon as cops pulled up and stepped out of the car. It shows both cops giving chase, leaving the doors to the patrol car open, the keys still in the ignition, all to catch a man with a beer.

Diller eventually falls down in the street and the cops pounce on him, repeating the usual robotic commands as they tried to place the handcuffs on him.

At one point during the struggle, a cop says, "He's got my gun, shoot him!".

The second cop then shoots him in the head less than a second later. But even then, they didn't feel safe until after they cuffed Diller's hands behind his back.

Neither of the two body cam videos show Diller grabbing the gun but San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit said Diller was able to rip the gun and holster from the cop's belt.

One of the cop's body cameras fell off during the struggle so who is to say the same did not happen to the cop's gun. Police say the case is still under investigation to determine whether charges will be filed against the cops.

The top video has been edited, shortened and slowed during parts to show what took place before the shooting. The bottom video is the full video released by police. Police redacted almost 30 seconds of audio immediately after the shooting because it was "disturbing."

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Lieing fucks. How can he grab his gun with his arms pinned to the ground. His excuse He took his gun off and threw it down to cover his murder act


I hope they realize how big of a war this plus many many more losses is starting. Just seeing this it brings up so much shit for me. There's plenty more people besides me whose family lies victim to their guns. I know more have to feel like me. But they make it a crime to be vigilant so then the ones who aren't get frightened for housing those who have nothing left to do but fight back the shit sucks. My cousin was murdered by a chomo pig who got jealous bc a 16 yo girl wanted to be with her 18 yo bf of all mornings too had to be Valentine's '05. Donnie Spillers pigs name n he only got suspended then let go from this county just to get on another county's payroll.. I fuckin hate today's generation pigglets.


i'm sure those of us here can fill in the redacted audio. and it don't make the pigs look good! we will probably get the redact audio after the pigs are are found not guilty of murder! which will only show that pigs are the violent thugs that we know that they are!


Cops always think someone's trying to take their guns and it's almost never true. Michael Bell, Jr. was shot point-blank in the head because the pussy cop caught his own gun on a rear-view mirror and wet himself about it. And anyway, aren't we constantly told what brave heroes these cretins are? Aren't we constantly reminded that they put their lives on the line for us? Yet at the first sign of risk they start killing people because their lives are more important than any other consideration, including common sense, basic humanity, due process, and good judgement. These pricks spring into action at the sight of a man harmlessly drinking beer, but do you think that they then feel remorse for one second over how that encounter ended? Do you think it makes them re-examine their roles as judge, jury, and executioner for activities that they're going to go home and do the minute they're off duty? And that some of them do on duty? Of course not. They all stand around feeling righteous and put-upon and targeted. This is why they're called pigs.

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