WATCH: Georgia Army Drill Sergeant Suspended after Video of Fight Surfaces

Nathan Dimoff

A drill sergeant did not like being called a “fucking hoe, n****,” and responded by putting his hands on the trainee.

A video surfaced online on February 7 of an altercation between a trainee and his drill sergeant.

The video was recorded at Fort Benning, Georgia in what appears to be a barracks. The video was uploaded to the Twitter account U.S Army WTF! Moments.

The video starts after the drill sergeant ordered the trainees to clear the hallway, according to Popular Military.

“Fucking hoe n****,” one of the trainees says in the beginning of the video as he walks away.

He is stopped by another trainee grabbing his arm.

“Get back, yes, I’m from the fucking ho’,” the drill sergeant says as he smacks the trainee on the head. “You have a fucking problem?”

The drill sergeant then pushes the trainee into the lockers.

They scuffle for a few seconds before other trainees split them apart and hold the trainee against the locker.

As more trainees gather to hold the trainee to the lockers, the drill sergeant can be seen egging him on by using the hand motion to come forward.

The trainee is eventually carried away by the group of trainees.

According to Business Insider:

"The language used and behavior portrayed in the video posted to online social media platforms are not consistent with US Army Values of treating all with dignity and respect," Garrett said in a statement to Insider.”

Fort Benning spokesman Ben Garrett said that they are aware of the video and that the drill sergeant is on suspension pending their investigation.

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You kidding!? Private deserved what he got! I wish it were older days. Do not suspend that drill! If I would have said anything like that to my drills, I hope they would smack the s*** out of me. Its guys like this private that make it into the Army and F*** up what these drills are trying to make of the military.


Wait....Soldier can keep a cellphone in basic? o.0


The E-1 should get at least a summary if not a special and at least forfeiture of pay. The drill sergeant? A reprimand. Not good for an NCO to lose their cool. Calls into question their judgement.


World of difference between this drill sergeant and a cop.

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