WATCH: Maryland Cops Shoot Stabbing Suspect to Death as Shocked Witnesses Record

Carlos Miller

Baltimore County police said the man stabbed five people, leaving them with non-life threatening injuries.

A man suspected of stabbing five people at a shopping mall was gunned down as one shocked witness recorded with her phone earlier today in Maryland.

At first, it is not evident that the man is armed but he does appear to holding a metallic object in his right hand. The witness began recording as the man walks away from the cops who are walking after him with their guns drawn.

The gunshots ring out at a moment when the witness lowers the camera so that part is not captured on video but they will probably say he charged towards the cops even though they have not said anything other than he stabbed five people.

According to CBS Baltimore:

The five victims were stabbed and have been taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. One suspect was involved, police said.

Police got a number of 911 calls starting at around 1:43 p.m., Baltimore County Police Officer Jen Peach said.

The first call said the suspect was walking around the liquor store demanding money and threatening people with a box cutter.

A second call then came in reporting a stabbing at the liquor store, followed by multiple additional calls reporting more stabbing victims.

Police said four of the five victims were stabbed inside the liquor store, and the fifth victim was stabbed in front of a Noodles and Company restaurant.

When officers arrived, they found the suspect armed with a knife near the intersection of Shawan Road and McCormick Road. During the encounter, officers shot and killed the suspect.

The witness who recorded the video, who goes by Peri Alexandria on Facebook, was not aware of what he had done when she posted the video. She later posted an update.

Wow. I just witnessed a killing by the police in Hunt Valley, Maryland. In front of my car. Couldn’t back up, couldn’t go forward. Had to just watch a black man be slaughtered. I wish he would of stopped walking. You couldn’t shoot him in the leg if anything? Or tackle him?you had to straight spray the guy? I never seen anyone get killed in my life. We as African Americans need classes on how to deal with the police the way we get killed out here, the way the father taught his kids in the when you see us movie (he didn’t stop when asked but still). Would it even matter still, since is the police that do what they want and get off. Sometimes it’s not enough to comply or stop, and most aren’t given the opportunity to. I thought of trayvon, philando, all the lives lost at the hands of police, most complied and did nothing at all. And my heart is broken today.

—update: just found out they were after him because he stabbed 5 people

Baltimore County police are also investigating whether the man also had an altercation with Maryland Transit Administration police earlier in the day.

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So many simple minded pathetic dummies in this thread. He had a knife, previously had stabbed several people, and can close 10-20 feet in just a few seconds. Until ANY of you sensationalized idiots are in a position to fight a man with a knife, and win without getting stabbed, shut your entitled mouths.


There were other options with only a knife but the shot him down like a dog, Shameful!


Hey you bored piece of shit. LEARN FACTS BEFORE YOU POST THIS DUMB SHIT. This man stabbed 6 people and could have gotten away with a lot more. These men did their JOB. This isn’t a race thing this is fucking human stabbing other humans. Stop playing the race card. If the person being stabbed was your loved one you would portray this story completely different. Dude go fuck yourself. YOUR THE FUCKING PROBLEM IN THIS WORLD.


Seem to recall a naked white man that killed 2 women and 1 child chasing cops but they didn’t shoot him! If several cops can’t take down 1 person without deadly force they don’t deserve to be a cop, security or anything in that field! This is outrageous!


just another case of trigger happy pigs shoot first and not get charged later! when the piggys start to be held accountable, this shit will stop!

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

What the dam hell did they have to shoot him them many fucking times for.Now what the world witnessed once again is Laquan McDonald all over again and a little white kid has a shoot out near a school while school is letting out and they winds up taking him in alive and what this was is a pure case of a execution style murder.😡😎

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