WATCH: Miami Beach Cops Shoot Man Holding Knife after he Stabs Cop

Carlos Miller

The shooting took place in front of shocked witnesses in one of the most popular tourist spots in the world.

Miami Beach police shot and killed a man holding a large knife Saturday night after they say he stabbed an officer in an incident captured on video.

The video recorded by a bystander shows cops surrounding a man sitting on a short wall on Ocean Drive, which is the main drag on South Beach and filled with tourists.

"He has a knife in his hand," says the bystander holding the camera recording.

The man sitting on the wall then lifts the knife up and it appears as if he was struck by a taser because he fell to the ground and the cops swarmed him to arrest him.

Only they ended up shooting him to death after they say he stabbed a cop.

The actual stabbing is not scene on video because the man appeared to fall into some bushes but police start shooting within moments. About 20 shots were fired.

"They just killed him," says the bystander with the camera.

According to CBS Local:

A man stabbed an officer, which in turn led police to shoot.

The officer was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

The suspect was taken the hospital in critical condition. Miami Beach police later confirmed the suspect, who has not been identified, succumbed to his wounds.

“Our officer, thankfully, is in stable condition, expected to be OK,” said Miami Beach Police Department spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez said. “Again, just after 9 p.m., busy Miami Beach, the heart of south beach, 10th Street, Ocean Drive, one of our officers was stabbed. Unfortunately, you know, this is what our officers put on their badge and put on a gun on their side each day and are prepared to face.”

Police have not released the name of the officer or the suspect.


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