WATCH: Nevada Cops Kill Man in Truck who was no Threat to them

Nathan Dimoff

Six police officers are on leave after video surfaces of officers blazing up a truck with bullets killing the driver.

Police watchdog group, Reno CopWatch, uploaded a video of multiple Reno police officers shooting at a truck that appeared to be rolling in neutral, killing the driver.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call around 9:45 P.M. Sunday night that escalated during the phone call, Washoe County Sheriff's Office said.

The video that surfaced on Reno CopWatch Facebook page was sent to them by one of their followers and uploaded on Tuesday asking viewers to fill out a form demanding accountability from public officials.

The video starts off showing officers pleading with Phillip Serrano to allow them to restrain him without violence.

Witnesses can be heard in the video encouraging Serrano to turn himself over.

“Come on buddy”, “you don’t want this”, and “come on, Phillip,” could be heard.

Moments after the pleading, the truck slowly begins to move and officers open fire on the truck with five seconds of continuous gunfire.

In cases like this, police will generally claim they were about to be run over, but the video does not show that and bodycam footage has yet to be released.

Sparks Police Department is investigating the shooting as per protocol in Washoe County, which forbids law enforcement agencies to conduct their own investigations of police shootings.

Sparks Police Lieutenant Chris Crawforth is leading the investigation and has confirmed that the video is authentic.

According to Reno Gazette Journal:

> "Reno Police Chief Jason Soto, reached by phone Tuesday afternoon, said six officers are currently on [paid] administrative leave in connection with the shooting."

Serrano was pronounced dead at 12:06 A.M. Monday morning.

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Washoe County has a bunch of murdering thug cops. Washoe County Sheriff Reno PD and Sparks PD are a bunch of murderous thugs wearing badges


douche bag cops know that murdering people without justification is a violatation of his rights ---- knowing that disqualifys them from using qualified immunity so charge them

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