WATCH: NYPD Officers Risk Everything, Sue Department Over Quotas


WATCH: NYPD Officers Risk Everything, Sue Department Over Quotas

A dozen uniformed minority NYPD officers crossed The Thin Blue Line, filing suit over America’s largest police department’s allegedly illegal quotas as you can see in the video below.

The state of New York passed a law in 2010 banning police quotas.

These NYPD officers are of African American or Latino heritage and are risking everything, by standing against instructions given at role call that disproportionately target minority communities.

It’s called Broken Windows.

The New York Police Department has now long-used arrest quotas as performance numbers for promotions and more favorable patrols.

So these few, brave NYPD officers are suing the department for the illegal quota requirements imposed by a statistics driven police management regime led by Commissioner William “Bill” Bratton.

When asked for comment, Commissioner Bratton summed up the entirety of his department’s defense against these serious charges of systemic injustice:

“Bullshit. I said ‘Bullshit’ is my response to that.”

The “NYPD 12” as local media dubbed the officers, have started the class action suit in order to end the long held practice within the NYPD ranks of targeting minorities.

Now these dozen police officers risk being intimated and harassed by fellow NYPD officers for blowing the whistle, in a long accepted practice in many urban cities throughout the country.

No matter the outcome of the case, these officers will likely be driven out of the ranks of the NYPD.

The officers assert they are instructed on a daily basis, to unfairly target minority communities as you can see on video, shown below.

But it isn’t the first time evidence of the of illegal quotas used by the NYPD has surfaced from the inside, and the last NYPD reaction to inconvenient truths being exposed, is instructive to readers imagining what horrors these officers may face at the hands of their co-workers.

Former NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft, served in the 81st precinct, and secretly recorded his commanding officers instructing everyone during role call to actively target minority communities with specific types of actions officers were to meet for performance metrics.

Those metrics were then used to punish NYPD officers who consistently failed to meet obligatory “stop and frisks” or other metrics.

“Stop and Frisk” is the term for Terry stops, an infamous practice given license by the Supreme Court in the Terry vs. Ohio ruling in 1968.

Adrian Schoolcraft left his NYPD shift early, after not feeling well, and with proper permission from his commanding officer at the time.

After laying down for a bit Schoolcraft was awakened by knocking at the door by fellow NYPD officers.

They weren’t bringing chicken soup.

However, before answering the door Schoolcraft wisely started two recording devices, one in plain sight another obscured.

The one in plain sight was almost immediately stopped by the officers at the door.

The hidden device recorded the incident where NYPD officers told Schoolcraft that he was being involuntarily Baker Act-ed, which is a mental health order allowing 72 hours of observation if someone poses a harm to themselves.

He spent four days in the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center on Long Island.

Schoolcraft a federal law suit against the New York Police Department for $600,000, and for an additional an undisclosed amount with the Jamaica Hospital too.

NYPD Whistleblower Hospitalized Against Will Settles for $600,000

The New York City Police Department settled a $600,000 lawsuit Tuesday with one of its own officers after they forced him into a psychiatric ward for several days against his will for turning whistle-blower on them. NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft, who has been on unpaid suspension since 2008, will receive back pay, benefits and punitive damages. … Continue reading

The New York State Attorney Generals Office has long ignored evidence of racial profiling and quotas within the NYPD.

Government agencies turned a blind eye to the injustices, which are big revenue makers.

And something NYPD officers point to when justifying their generous salaries, benefits and pensions, not to mention military gear and all of the other trappings of office that come with a shiny badge and gun in New York City.

The New York Attorney General managed to prosecute Donald Trump, but is ignoring the evidence presented time after time

Yet no one in the chain of command of NYPD has been charged for operating their quota scheme for years.

The tiny handful of minority NYPD officers should be commended for their effort in addressing the injustices inflicted on citizens in New York City.

However, as we know from the story of Adrian Schoolcraft the “NYPD 12” will be chased out of the New York Police Department, intimidated and harassed.

All for seeking justice.

New York’s Channel 4 released the below report and interview with the “NYPD 12”:


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