WATCH: Philly Cops Try to Shut Down Barber Donating Free Hair Cuts to Homeless

StanceGrounded on Twitter
StanceGrounded on Twitter

“Philadelphia Police trying to shut down a black man giving free haircuts to the homeless. THIS IS INFURIATING. THIS IS SO OUTRAGEOUS. Retweet!”

Ben Keller

A Barber offering free haircuts for homeless people has more questions than answers after police try to shut him down.

Brennon Jones managed to make national news headlines in 2017 for donating his time and skill providing free hair cuts to homeless folks who didn't have the means to pay for them.

Anthony Messina recalled his experience after being homeless on and off for 11 years.

"You become like part of the furniture. You're just there," he told CBS Philly.

But Jones is a man with a vision to truly see those among us who feel invisible.

"It's none of my business how they got in their situation. But I make it my business to get them out," Jones, 29, explained.

Since January 2017, Jones spends his days as a one-man mobile barber shop dubbed "Haircut4Homeless" that offers free haircuts to the homeless population around Philadelphia.

"I look past their outer appearance. I look past whatever addiction they may have. I see the person for who they are," he said.

Jones saw an immediate impact after he began his work.

"My very first haircut, his name is Braden. I cut his hair on 15th & Walnut. A few days later, I went to check up on him and he wasn't there. I was hoping nothing bad happened to him. When we did catch up weeks later, he got offered a full-time job."

But, now, Twitter is raging after an April 14 video showed Jones being confronted by a Philadelphia police officer, who tried to shut his operation down.

"He just basically came over and said, ‘Listen, I got a call from my sergeant. You have to shut down immediately,'"Jones told CBS Eyewitness News.

"No explanation, nothing."

During an interview on Sunday, Jones said the incident with this officer is quite different from when Philadelphia honored him in 2017, when he was recognized by Mayor Jim Kenny, and even the Philadelphia 76ers, for his Haircuts For the Homeless program.

"I come here every other week," Jones explained, "and I cut their hair and I’ve been doing it the last three years."

Eventually, Jones tells the officer if he has to pack up his things, he'll make a call to the mayor.

The officer eventually backs off a little bit and just tells him to clean up the hair when he's finished.

Watch full footage of the incident, which was originally posted on Twitter by Stance Grounded, above.

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