WATCH: Texas Cop Allows K9 to Attack Man after he Ran Red Light


A Texas cop allowed his K9 to maul a man after he had run a red light on Valentine's Day.

"Your dog is eating me!" cried Benjamin Benfer after a Baytown police officer sicced his German shepherd on him in the parking lot of an apartment complex as a man records from the top of a stairwell.

"Put your hands behind your back!" orders the cop after pouncing on him but the dog had its jaws locked on the man's right arm, making it difficult for him to move his arm.

The Baytown cop struggles for almost a minute as Benfer squirmed his body from the pain of the dog biting him.

Police say Benfer ran a red light before pulling into the parking lot of the apartment complex. He then refused to stay inside his car, according to police.

But the video recorded by a witness and posted to Facebook begins after the dog is already biting Benfer as he is walking.

"Get on the ground," the cop tells him and Benfer sits on the grass with the dog still biting him.

"I'm on the ground," Benfer replies.

The cop then places his body weight on Benfer while trying to handcuff him as the dog continues to maul his arm, causing him to scream out in pain.

According to Houston Public Media:

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