WATCH: Virginia Cops Handcuff Innocent Man Eating with Family in Shopping Mall

Carlos Miller

Virginia Beach police told the man he matched the description of another Black man with dreadlocks.

A Black man with dreadlocks man was sharing a meal with his family in a shopping mall Saturday when Virginia Beach police walked up to him and handcuffed him without telling him why.

The cops led him outside to a parking lot of the Lynnhaven Mall, detaining him for several minutes, still refusing to tell him why they had handcuffed him.

It was only after the same cops arrested another Black man with dreadlocks that they removed the handcuffs, allowing him to be on his way with a weak apology.

"We got a description somebody was using stolen credit cards," a cop told the man's wife who posted the video to her Facebook page where she goes by Kiara Love.

"That person is a Black man with dreads and was wearing all black and was with a boy that was wearing red," the cop explained. "I completely apologize. It was a complete misunderstanding."

But for Black Americans, it was just another case of racial profiling which could have easily led to another innocent Black man shot and killed by police.

"That's why we say, 'Black Lives Matter,'" said the man who has only been identified as "Jehmel" at this time. "Look how you treat us in front of people. Black Lives Matter. That's why we fight."

The cops in the video were not wearing facial masks when they first handcuffed Jehmel even though last month Governor Ralph Northam issued an order that everybody over the age of five must wear a mask while inside public places of business.

Watch the shortened video above or the full video here.

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La1 Familia
La1 Familia

What happen to ( Innocent Until Proving Guilty?) There was talking or explaining why they needed to detain him they strait went handcuffed & brought outside ready for the patty wagon & if the real crook was not caught then this guy was the next best thing WTF - i truly hope that guy takes the police dept for everything they got!


Right... He wants to explain. Do we ever get to explain? No... All you ever hear is tell it to the judge. No... This time why don't you explain it to the judge. There's never a chance that there's other people that look like you... All the way down to the kid in red too... But don't tell them how to do their job... Instant thug... Just add a gun and a badge... There ya go... You're all set to go kill people. I could def see that turning ugly quick.


Whoever it is that trains these two digit IQ imbeciles to behave this way needs to be identified and held accountable.
You walk up and put your hands on me without clearly identifying yourself and CLEARLY articulating your "subject matter jurisdiction", I will kill you on sight.
So right now, this guy can sue the living shit out of these assholes for false arrest, false imprisonment, kidnapping, Deprivation of rights while acting under color of law (a felony), and I could go on for an hour. But the easy part is, the instant he stepped outside his jurisdiction and acted without proper authority, he vaporized his "qualified immunity". Take everything he owns.


I am not a policeman but I would at least do a bit of investigation before putting handcuffs on someone just incase it was the wrong thing to do and in this case it was exactly that .How do you compensate someone that is out with his family and suffers the hurt and embarrassment this man did. How would those cops react if this happened to them .No wonder there is a B.L.M. movement in the USA. Retrain the police teach how to be professional.


Saying "The person is a Black man with dreads and was wearing all black"
is like saying "The person is a white man with a mullet and was wearing a t shirt and jeans".

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