Woman, 65, thrown to Ground and Tasered after Driving off to Avoid $80 ticket

The Oklahoma woman believed by driving off without signing the ticket, she would not be arrested. She learned otherwise.

Upset over an $80 ticket for a broken tail light, a 65-year-old Oklahoma woman refused to sign the citation, locking herself inside her truck before driving off, sparking a pursuit with the police officer who had pulled her over.

Debra Hamil is now facing a felony charge of assault on a police officer as well as a charge for misdemeanor resisting arrest over the incident which took place last Tuesday in Cashion, Oklahoma, according to KOKO News 5.

The incident was captured on body cam which can be viewed above.

"I'm not going to sign it because I don't want to pay $80," Hamil said after the cop refused to let her off with a warning.

Then cop then ordered her out of the truck, saying he was going to place her under arrest, which was when she rolled up her window.

"You'll be fair with me and I'll be fair with you," she said after rolling the window back down a bit.

"You're under arrest," the cop said.

"No, I'm not," she responds.

At one point she decides to sign the ticket but it's too late.

"Oh shut up and give me that and I'll sign it," she says.

"We're beyond that, step out," the cop tells her.

At this point, she has already placed herself in a battle she was not going to win but then decides to double-down by driving off which never ends well for the citizen.

The cop chases her to a parking lot where she still refuses to step out, so he opens the door and pulls her out, throwing her to the ground where she tries to kick him off.

She ends up tasered, handcuffed and arrested.

"Do you realize you just got yourself in a whole lot more trouble?" the cop asks her as she is laying facedown on the ground handcuffed.

"For what?"

"For running," he responds.

"Oh, I didn't run," she says. "I told you weren't going to arrest me. I pulled in here thinking you would not."

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This is a dangerous policeman that let his ego get out of control. He needs about 6 months on the desk and getting training. If this was a young African American, he'd be dead.

In The Woods
In The Woods

He is not asking for her to hand him $80, he is letting her know the ticket is $80. Meaning she has to pay the court $80 to take care of the ticket as a punishment for breaking the law. You NEVER pay directly to the officers. You can pay online to the court, mail it into the court, or go to the courthouse and pay in person. There is a date on the ticket that says when it has to be paid by or it will turn into a warrant or they will suspend your drivers license until you pay it. Even fix-it tickets will turn into a warrant if you do not take care of it.


Last time I was pulled over was 4 years ago. This played in my mind as I lowered my front passenger window as I was on the highway "Michelle, keep both hands on the wheel and speak when spoken to" I didn't become combative because I knew I was doing 82 in a 70. I provided my license and registration- answered his questions and low and behold.... i didn't get a ticket. Maybe I am one to respect these men and women in uniform, or could be that I value my life and no criminal record more than NOT wanting to pay an $80 ticket. Was not a smart call on her part to behave this way.


I personally have known thus woman for many years. This is extremely out of character for her. she is a hard working ag mom and grandmother that helps her family run a harvest crew over many states. Worked another full time job as well. Sings at funerals, delivers a meal when needed, actively gives $ and time to community causes. When she had grandbabies die in a tornado years ago that didn't stop her giving nature. Besides being calked names and being made into a joke, no one is talking about the fact that she is elderly. Elderly does not mean feeble but there are many viruses, infections, and reactions to meds that cause elderly people to be combative. If she's had a stroke or died, this would be a different convo altogether. The chief of police is a woman, she could have been called for back up and perhaps diffused the situation. This would have also avoided a grandmother from being held at gunpoint, manhandled and tazed. Many communities and police in such communities do not write tickets for fixable offences. Or they write awarning to have it fixed. This officer is new, it was the end if the month, he let anger and ego color the way he reacted. Did she handle this well? No. But as far as I'm concerned he didn't either.I am from that community; spent 37 years years of my life there, raised kids there, and I have never seen an unarmed woman our community treated that way. To have people that dont know her call her a bitch or idiot is so wrong. We don't know the context, we don't know her side. All media has only been from cops perspective. How would you want your grandmother to be treated by a policeman, nurse, social worker, the public at large?


bitch fucked up on this one! if she toke the ticket to court, it would most likely be dropped to $20! when you decide to take off, it give the piggys the idea that they can beat, taze, and or shoot you with out any consequences......

as far as having to sign for a ticket! where i'm from it's not required or necessary. some people are already upset about getting stopped. making someone sign for a ticket just adds insult to injury! the whole sign it or go to jail? WTF! just hand them the ticket and be done with it!