Woman who Accused 2 Cops of Rape Dies after Falling from Sheriff's Moving SUV

Carlos Miller

The Graham County Sheriff's Office said Jorden Marie Simms slipped out her handcuffs before opening the car door.

An Arizona woman who accused a male cop of raping her and a female deputy of sodomizing her with an unknown object while in custody has died after falling out of a moving sheriff's vehicle Thursday.

Jorden Marie Simms was said to have slipped out of her handcuffs, belly chain and ankle restraints before opening the rear door to the Ford Explorer which did not have the childproof lock in place. She was pronounced dead from head injuries at a Tucson hospital.

Three days prior to her death, the Arizona Department of Public Safety examined her for signs of sexual assault using a rape kit after she accused Safford police officer Jeremiah French of raping her while in custody. He has been placed on paid administrative leave, according to the Eastern Arizona Courier.

Simms also accused a female Graham County sheriff's deputy of sodomizing her with an unknown object, according to her family who posted the following on Facebook.

My niece, Jorden Marie is expected to take her last breath tonight. A beautiful mother, daughter, sister and niece gone too soon. Jorden has battled addiction for several years and has paid dearly for her addiction. She was arrested Saturday, December 21st by Graham County Sheriff’s Department. That first day she reported to her jailers that she had been raped by deputy Jeremiah French. She was taken to Sierra Vista for a rape test (which has since returned positive). Upon her return to the detention center she was searched by a female officer that sodimized her with an unknown object. She was refused medical treatment for whatever reason. For the next several days she pleaded with her mom to get her out of there. She was afraid. She knew something bad was going to happen. Her mom was trying but couldn’t make it happen fast enough. On Thursday, December 26th my sister arrived for her scheduled visit with Jorden and was met by 3 deputies informing her that Jorden was not there and they could not disclose her whereabouts. As the day progressed no phone call ever came from Jorden.

Around 7pm that evening, my sister received a call that her daughter had been involved in an incident and was being flown to Banner University in Tucson. She arrived at the hospital to find her sweet baby girl broken, mangled and brain dead. The story we have gotten is that she had been transported to Sierra Vista for psychiatric analysis and upon her return to Safford, slipped her hand cuffs and jumped from the moving transport vehicle.

We have so many questions!!!

The Graham County Sheriff's Office has issued a timeline of events leading up to her death.

The sheriffs' office says deputies transported Simms to the Cochise County Advocacy Center following her accusation against the female deputy which is supposed to specialize in examining victims of sexual assault. But they did not have the necessary equipment to test her, so they transported her to Mt. Graham Regional Hospital instead which was when she fell out of the vehicle. Her family is skeptical of the sheriff narrative.

Simms was arrested on December 21 on a warrant out of Yavapai County. Two days later, she was transported to be tested for signs of rape. Her family says on Facebook that the test came back positive but Arizona state police have not confirmed that.

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Don 001
Don 001

Overall change in system is called for.


Citizens should be very scared and concerned when those in power can take advantage of us and tear our families apart. Tell us some BS and we are supposed to swallow it. Could've been your sister, daughter or mother... We need to speak up. Need justice

Ronnie knows best
Ronnie knows best

What is going on over there Sheriff's Dept. Cover-up ! This is nasty and insane we are talking about a deputy sheriff raping young adult !!! 😡 This is definitely a sicko sheriff deputy


How unbelievable is this story... SHE raped the deputies, attacked the transport officers, unlocked herself with their keys, took over the vehicle, then leapt out the vehicle at high speed!! j/k

The coroner should determine what caused her fatal head injuries, are they consistent with falling from a vehicle... or blunt force trauma from a billy club?

Looking at photos of her in hospital, she doesn't appear to have trauma / hematomas on her arms, legs, shoulders, feet, etc - which would have happened had she jumped from a moving vehicle.

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