Hello Maven I need help in Gilchrist county about the sheriffs department. I seen the video of you photography Lancaster Prison. I had two gentlemen come to my house posing as Dixie county cops threatens me while I have Gilchrist on the phone I'm in a wheelchair and was terrified by fake Dixie cops I knew who they were when I seen them told the cops and nothing was done. My partner was taken in a police car and there's no report on this incident. I have all the records for his case which he has already done the time. I'm in wheelchair no leg I turn myself in cause of non payment of fine for marijuana under 20 grams. I was made to take off my leg I fell nothing was done and then They had wheelchair I had worn my prosthetic leg in my chair is expensive and I didn't need to take they told me when I called ahead of time to tell them I was turning myself in. I was taken to the building sitting on a walker that has on it do not use as a wheelchair well they did ran over my foot that is already messed up no apology they laughed it off they didn't give me my meds for diabetes. I got out next day and then my kidneys quit cause of no meds in jail. I can prove this sheriff department prejudice. And that they framed my partner I don't know where to go we still live here and are afraid to trust them. And the video about public records I had to tell them which dates and id to get them who can I contact for help? or am I jus screwed?


Police Brutality