On August 3rd 2018 ,Two days after I buried my mother, I had to deputies show up at my house and arrest me. I repeatedly told them to get off of my property, No crime was committed, I had no trespassing signs posted, and they were not the authority on my land. They busted in my house, threateningto tase me. They however did pepper spray me and throw me to my floor. I am a Combat Medic serving tours in Afghanistan and was medically retired because of MS. They did not know, I have the ring door bell cam and the ring spotlight cam. The whole thing was recorded. I told them they were violating my civil rights. They didn't really care. They took my phone, wallet, and dog tags off of me. Then they through me in thier car and ran my name. I had nothing on record. So they tried to get my wife to say I hit her, because they had no reason to do what they did. Now honestly, I'm scared especially after all the corruption stories I'm hearing about Randall County Texas. They have told me they would dismiss the assault charge if I plead guilty to resisting and obstruction. I never even knew why they were there and I never knew they were arresting me. I didn't even know the charges until I was in jail. Just tired of these tyrants stepping on our rights. Guns and badges don't make you a hero. Your core values are what makes you one.

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Ben Keller
Ben Keller


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Police Brutality