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The police escalation of force was inexcuasable, but the ONLY maneuver open to any citizen once a cop says “put your hands behind your back” is to comply and fight the issue in the courts later. By resisting, as humiliating as handcuffing may feel, you’re only giving the police the ability to charge you with a crime. Later, in court, you will prevail, as many have, against out-of-control cops.

In this case, with plentiful witnesses, he would have been wise to yell out “I am not resisting! Please record this and leave your contact information with the store clerk.”

You’ll only remember to do this if you actually rehearse police encounters. Rather than offer to show his ID, a rehearsed citizen would have answered every question with a question: “Am I being detained? Am I required to show ID? Can I speak with a supervisor? What is your name and badge number? Am I legally obligated to answer your questions?”

By immediately acceding to the ID requires, the victim here gave police a lot of defendable arguments: “He was reaching into his pocket.” “He didn’t immediately comply.”

The unfortunate result of resisting handcuffs is often physical injury with no recourse, and no benefits in the long run. Swallow your pride and fight the thugs in court, where they can be removed from policing permanently.


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