Pennsylvania Cops Kill Man with Bulldozer after Discovering Ten Marijuana Plants

Police tried to claim he died of a heart attack but an autopsy determined otherwise.

Pennsylvania cops were searching for a man suspected of working in a marijuana grow operation when they ran him over with a bulldozer, killing him.

Pennsylvania state police tried to justify the killing by pointing out they found ten marijuana plants at the site.

They then tried to claim he died of a heart attack and that it was just a coincidence it happened as a bulldozer ran him over, according to the Reading Eagle.

But an autopsy determined Gregory A. Longenecker died of traumatic injuries.

The incident took place Monday when a Pennsylvania Game Commission worker on a bulldozer came across the marijuana grow operation plants on state land, so he called police.

The worker called Bernville Borough police, who spotted two men, arresting one of them after a brief foot chase, according to WGAL.

The other man disappeared into the woods, which is what prompted the search with the bulldozer.

State police were called, who dispatched a helicopter, spotting the missing man in a certain location in the woods.

That was when a trooper hopped on the bulldozer, directing the state commission worker to the location where the man was last spotted.

Next thing they knew, they had run him over, killing him.

According to Pennsylvania state police:

The second male eluded capture at that time. PSP and PA Game Commission resources were sent to this area around 11:00 AM. This included PSP aviation, patrol members, and vice unit members. The second male was briefly located by the PSP helicopter in thick underbrush. An attempt to hail the other male was unsuccessful. The helicopter lost site of the male and was giving directions to the bulldozer of his last location. The Game Commission employee and a Trooper were on the bulldozer driving through the thick underbrush. The bulldozer stopped in the underbrush. The second male was located under the rear of the bulldozer deceased.

Longenecker was 51. The name of the man arrested is David Brook Light, who is 54.

Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in 2016. And earlier this year, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto called for the state to legalize recreational marijuana.

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Maybe he had some hidey-hole in the ground, and the weight of the bulldozer collapsed it, crushing him. Bulldozers would be used to destroy the crops, I suppose.


@JimChoadly Sort of strains credibility doesn't it? But it's not the dead man telling the story, it's the cops. Not saying they're lying. I have no idea, but the automatic assumption this is a hit piece on the PSP isn't much better.


The fact that a mayor "called for" pot to be legalized was irrelevant to rhis story entirely, anyone can "call" for anything they want... It takes congress to act before it matters. This article is a hit piece on PSP because why? Someone allowed himself to be run over by a bulldozer? And he was alive and well at the time? Sounds like suicide if it really happened that way...


So, let me get this straight... A SANE, living individual laid in the underbrush and allowed a bulldozer that travels at walking speed to run him over? Meh... Seems legit...


OH, PENNSYLVANIA. You make it SOOOOOdifficult for me to make jokes about Texas!