Woman Assaults Man For Recording Her After She Tries To Photograph Him

Carlos Miller

Linda Lorino is a bitch.

That is the most accurate word to describe a woman who walks up to a stranger with a camera in her hand, taunting him to take a photo with her, only to strike out at him when he pulls out his own camera to record her.

The incident took place last week in Wisconsin as activists stood on the side of the road holding up signs urging citizens to recall Governor Scott Walker.

Lorino is one of the few people in the state who still support Walker, so she was upset that Steve Nagle was collecting signatures for the recall.

According to the Brookfield Patch:

Lorino went to get her camera from her car and walked toward Nagel saying, “Let’s get a camera picture together. We’ll get a picture together.”
But when she approached Nagel to take a photo, she saw he was videotaping her and Nagel said she grabbed and pushed his arm, jostling his video image. He was standing by the car.
According to a video Nagel showed Brookfield Patch, Lorino said, “Don’t videotape me. You can’t videotape me.”
“Could you call the police, please,” Nagel said. “You just put your hands on me.”
“I did,” she said. “You can’t videotape me without my permission. What is wrong with you?”
Nagel then filmed her license plate number, and she took a photo of the license plate of the 77-year-old woman signing the petition in her car. That woman objected strongly, and Lorino apologized profusely and deleted the photo when she realized the woman in the car was not a petition volunteer but a citizen signing it.

Lorino was there to photograph petition volunteers, even their license plate numbers, which is her legal right.

But where does she get off on telling the petition volunteers that they did not have the legal right to video record her?

The bitch, who was cited with disorderly conduct, has since apologized.

It was the second time in a month that Nagel was assaulted by a pissed-off Walker supporter while collecting signatures. Nagel also caught the first incident on his camera, leading to the arrest of a man named Fred Frisby for disorderly conduct.

Both it’s obvious both Frisby and Lorino could have been arrested on assault charges.


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