College Cop Fired after Barging into Dorm Room without Warrant

Carlos Miller

College Cop Fired after Barging into Dorm Room without Warrant.

In what turned out to be a solid victory for camera-wielding citizens throughout the country, a University of Kentucky-Lexington police officer was fired less than 48 hours after a video went viral showing him and another officer barging into a college student’s dorm room without a warrant.

There was no placing him on paid administrative leave until the “investigation” is completed.

There was no attempting to prosecute the student on felony wiretapping charges.

And there was no attempt to rewrite the Fourth Amendment on the basis that the student was guilty of contempt of cop.

The student, Graham Gaddis, was antagonizing and obnoxious, but there is no law against that.

The officer who was fired is David Thompson, the one who shoved Gaddis aside as he entered the dorm room and made his way to the refrigerator to search for alcohol.

Police say witnesses saw Gaddis dump liquor bottles out the window, but that was not enough to gain them access into his dorm room without a warrant.


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