FL Prosecutor Drops 2 Felony Charges Against Miami Dolphins CB’s Wife


Florida Prosecutor Drops Two Felony Charges Against Miami Dolphins CB’s Wife Arrested in Viral Video.

A Florida prosecutor dropped felony charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and reduced a felony resisting arrest with violence charge to a pending misdemeanor against a Miami Dolphins player’s wife who was detained outside the stadium before his team’s first home game in 2015.

Former radio personality Miko Grimes is a widely known National Football League critic, but what’s unusual is that her husband, Brent Grimes, is a Pro-Bowl player.

Before the Miami Dolphins first home game, Grimes appeared in a video that went viral, showing her forcefully arrested by the Miami-Dade Police Department.

PINAC’s initial report noted that Tamiko Grimes had not been cited in the police report for any underlying offense when the serious felony charges were initiated in an arrest gone viral on youtube, seen below.

That’s when Miami-Dade police originally charged Grimes with a 3rd degree felony, assaulting a police officer and two contempt of cop charges – disorderly conduct and felony resisting arrest with violence.

Ed Griffith from the Miami-Dade County’s State Attorney’s office commented thusly on the decision to “No Action” the felony charges last week:

“The police arrested Ms. Grimes based on the probable cause belief that a felony crime had been committed, hence the original set of charges.
The State Attorney’s Office reviews all incoming felony case to see if the probable cause arrest has sufficient evidence to meet the legal standard for further prosecution of the criminal case, that standard is a belief that sufficient evidence exists to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a much higher standard than probable cause.
In the review of the statements and the evidence, prior to the arraignment, it was felt that misdemeanor charges were the appropriate legal filing.“

Her defense lawyer, Anthony Rubino, did not have any comment right now, nor did Grimes either because the criminal case is still pending.

Viral Arrest Video Chilled NFL Critic’s Speech Causing Radio Cancellation, Twitter Silence

Shortly after the incident, Miami sports radio station 560 WQAM fired Grimes, before waiting to see the results of the charges, and refusing afterwards to comment other than saying she was “no longer an employee” of the station.

WQAM is affiliated with local TV outlet, CBS4, and is the home of the University of Miami Hurricanes and Florida Panthers hockey team too

The radio station did not reply to our Facebook messages seeking comment.

Grimes tweeted an epic rant to the league in this off-season in January calling the NFL both, “shady and corrupt.” The Miami Dolphins did not respond to our phone call before this story with comments.

Since the arrest, Grimes shut down her twitter account.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the silence of the mainstream media who gave prominent coverage to the initial police claims that prosecutors didn’t believe constituted a felony, but are not giving the same coverage to the dismissal and reduction of felony charges.

Violent Arrest For Unspecified Crimes

The Miami-Dade police officers’ unsupported claims that they gave a lawful command remain, but still don’t indicate any underlying law breaking activity that would justify arresting Grimes.

No physical or visual evidence has emerged to back up police claims or accusations that Grimes broke any law.

In fact, the Miami-Dade County Police report also omitted four of the ten officers who were in the immediate vicinity.

The Miami-Dade County police officers in the video are paid to appear in their off-duty capacity by the Miami Dolphins football team for security and crowd control, though nothing stipulates that police officers must be used, rather than simply hiring more private security.

When asked for comment, Miami-Dade County Police replied to, “refer to the arrest affidavit as it explains the details that lead to the arrest.”

By the time a citizen journalist began recording the scene creating the only known hard evidence in the case, a male Miami-Dade police officer already had his knee on the Miko Grimes’ back.

The September arrest was uploaded to YouTube before the game was finished, but still only the original 55 seconds of footage are known today.

Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl player Brent Grimes has battled injuries this season, but kept quiet about the pending criminal charges against his wife, whose outspoken criticism of the NFL is unusual for an “insider” to the highest profile professional sports league in America.

The NFL has endured a seemingly never ending series of controversies off the field about player conduct, with few insider critics like Grimes about the on the field about the health hazards of playing professional football.

An NFL official who wished to remain anonymous, ripped Grimes earlier this summer at the start of the team’s training camp saying that Miko Grimes “scared the hell out of him,” with her words about the NFL’s concussion problem.

The Bleacher Report called Miko Grimes the “NFL’s Great Truth Teller” in a report this summer.

Until these criminal charges are settled, all of that truth, outspokenness and revelations from Mrs. Grimes are on hold – if not indefinitely after Miami-Dade County Police’s assault on the messenger.



Ed. Note: We redacted the personal information displayed in this document being the date of birth, home address and phone number.

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